Aluminum foiled vacuum bags wholesale|Beyin packing

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  • Pure aluminum pouch,can be vacuumed
  • With high barrier property from light,oxygen,moisture and dust,bacteria
  • Size can be customized
  • Situable for various of cooked meat
  • BPA-FREE abd FDA approved food grade material



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Aluminum foiled vacuum bags wholesale|Beyin packing

Aluminum foiled vacuum bags wholesale|Beyin packing
Aluminum foiled vacuum bags wholesale|Beyin packing

Vacuum  foil bag is mainly used for packaging cooked food products, because this type of packaging bag is relatively expensive, but has a higher barrier property. Because of the pure aluminum layer, the entire packaging bag can completely block outside light, oxygen, moisture, dust, and bacteria, especially light, compared to other ordinary packaging, pure aluminum packaging bags can block all light, effectively lower the temperature in the packaging bag, and prevent light-oxidation. Vacuum bags can be sucked all the air in the packaging, and put the product in a vacuum state. Coupled with the isolation function of pure aluminum, the storage time of the  food can be extended as long as possible.

Beyin packing, as a manufacturer that has been engaged in custom pouches design and production for more than 20 years, can produce all sizes of pure aluminum packaging bags, both vacuum and non-vacuum. We have a mature team that can  provide professional packaging bag solutions, we have 7 production workshops, more than 100 experienced technicians , and strict production and quality control procedures to ensure stable quality. There is a mature quality inspection team to ensure the quality of incoming materials and the quality of finished products, and we also have an after-sales team to provide you with a guarantee. We have a design team that can provide you with free designs. What are you hesitating about? Talk to us immediately and tell us your requirements.

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