Cannabis mylar bags

Packaging bags suitable for different forms of cannabis

The form of cannabis products is generally divided into dried flowers, edibles, concentrates, topicals ,pre-rolls, syringes, etc. Different forms are suitable for different packaging.

When we talk about cannabis, most people’s first reaction is drugs, dangerous, hallucinogenic, banned, and illegal these words. Because some of the ingredients in cannabis can have a mental and psychological impact on people, like emotional highs , feel pleasure, relax the body and mind, and have the effect of increasing appetite. The feeling is so good to take in cannabis so that it is also easy to become addicted. After excessive consumption, it will cause a burden on the lungs, heart and vascular system, and even lead to death. However, with the in-depth research on cannabis, the medical value of cannabis has been deeply explored. The American Cancer Society believes that certain cannabis extracts can help relieve the pain and vomiting caused by chemotherapy. And the cannabis can be used to increase appetite and relieve neurological symptoms such as glaucoma, epilepsy, migraine, and bipolar emotional instability.Due to the medical value of cannabis, the call for legalization of cannabis is more and more.


There are many chemical substances in cannabis plants, which are called cannabinoids. The most obvious embodiment is the two main components of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a psychoactive component in the cannabis. It can directly and quickly bind to the cannabinoid receptors in the human body. It will make people feel very happy and make people feel physically and mentally. It is a chemical substance in cannabis that causes nerve pleasure. It can relieve pain and inflammation, help people fall asleep, help eat, and is commonly used in medicine to help fight pain, nausea, sleep apnea, stress disorder, and fight chemotherapy and multiple sclerosis , Glaucoma, AIDS and spinal cord injury symptoms.But because of its high-induced nature, it is very addictive, Long-term use can lead to mental deterioration and severe incapacity, so it is strictly controlled and restricted by many countries. People often say that drug cannabis is a cannabis product that contains a lot of THC .

The laws of the European Union and other countries stipulate that the THC content is less than 0.3% is called hemp , the THC content is more than 0.3% is classified as marijuana.

cannabis packaging mylar bags

CBD is not psychoactive and cannot bind well to the same human cannabinoid receptors. The effect after use will not be noticeable. It is roughly equivalent to taking painkillers or taking a piece of chocolate when you are sad, it may be a little trance, but it is very slight.

CBD can be produced from either hemp or flowering marijuana plants, but there are important differences between the two. CBD derived from hemp plants contains less than 0.3% THC and is significantly less regulated than CBD derived from flowering marijuana plants, which contains varying levels of THC above 0.3%. CBD derived from hemp (containing less than 0.3% THC) will be referred to as retail CBD, while CBD derived from flowering marijuana (containing more than 0.3% THC) will be referred to as dispensary CBD.  Many scientific studies have shown that CBD has the greatest therapeutic potential among all cannabinoids. It can be used to fight anxiety and depression, protect neurons in the brain, reduce nausea and vomiting, reduce inflammation and relieve pain, and fight tumors and cancer cells. And because CBD is not hallucinogenic and addictive, most countries have a more tolerant attitude towards CBD products. In January 2019, 41 countries declared medical cannabis legal, and more than 50 countries declared CBD legal. In addition to medical CBD, there are consuming CBD that can be added to food and beverages.

Format of cannabis plant:

The most common cannabis plant is divided into Sativa,Indica and Hybrid.

Sativa is the most primitive type of cannabis. It generally grows in tropical areas, such as Colombia, Thailand, and Mexico. The leaves are slender and narrow, and the plants are slender and tall, up to 6 meters. The growth cycle takes half a year.

Indica is found in India. Its leaves are thick and fat, the plant is short, and the height is only about 2 meters. The growth cycle only needs 3 to 5 months.Kush is a strain of Cannabis indica

Besides these two kinds of cannabis,the Ruderalis plant is shorter, less than 1 meter tall, and contains almost no THC. Nowadays, it is mainly used for crossbreeding with Sativa to cultivate hemp, so it is not seen in the medical and recreational cannabis market.

On the basis of Sativa and Indica, through mixed hybridization, many hybrid cannabis varieties were planted. These varieties are Hybrid.

People generally think that Sativa will makes people high, and Indica is stoned cannabis. Hybird is a mixture of the above two experiences.

The status of global cannabis legalization

In Canada ,Uruguay ,Georgia,and 11 states in USA including Alaska, California, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington,all cannabis products are legal to sell and buy. And in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Peru, Poland, and the United Kingdom,only the medical cannabis is legal,but please be attention that you can not purchase or use of cannabis cross the country or union,for example in UK,the CBD derived from European industrial hemp is legal if it contains less than 0.2% THC. But the CBD product are manufactured outside the EU is illegal CBD product.

Other places have more restrictive laws that only allow the use of certain cannabinoid drugs, such as Sativex or Marinol. The global legalization of cannabis has greatly promoted the expansion of the cannabis market. The potential of this product is unlimited. According to the DDR report, the cannabis market will reach to $32 bn by 2024, which is three times than in 2018. It can be said that cannabis is a dividend market of this era.

Packaging bags suitable for different forms of cannabis


The form of cannabis products is generally divided into flowers, edibles, concentrated , Topicals , pre-rolls, syringes, etc. And dried flowers cover most of the cannabis market,then is  edible and concentrate ,but the dried flowers market is shrinking from 50% in 2017 to 45% in 2020,and other forms of cannabis market is getting increased,from 15%in 2017 to 25% in 2020.According to BDS Analytics,in 2020,the flower cannabis can takes up 45% cannabis market,and concentrates takes up 11%,edibles take up 19%,others take up 25%.


Dried flowers packaging , many customers choose to use glass or containers, but these kinds of packaging are very easy to be broken, and can not protect children well, it is better to choose mylar bags,which can protect the weed inside the bags,while not easy to be broken and resistant dropping. Choose the mylar heat seal bags with  zipper,workers only need to put the flowers into the bag and close the zipper when packaging . If you need a more sealed package, you can use heat seal machine to  seal the top area that 1~2 cm above the zipper. You don't have to worry about the inconvenience of opening the bag. We will add a tear notch at the sealing area or down the sealing area, so that consumers can quickly open the packaging bags from tear notch and take out the product in the package. The mylar bags of dried flowers generally uses flat bags or stand up pouches,and all of them are smell-proof  bags.The common dimensions and packaging type are as follows:

Capacity Bay type Size
1g Flat bags 3.15’’×3.95’’
1/8oz Stand up pouch 3.54’’×5.12+2’’
1/4oz Stand up pouch 3.95×6.5’’+2.33’’
1/2oz Stand up pouch 5.12’’×8.27’’+3.15’’
1oz Stand up pouch 5.91’’×9.06’’+3.15’’
1lb Stand up pouch 15.35’’×16.54’’+4.72’’

Cannabis Packaging Flat Bags With Matte Surface 1g kush

Custom Cannabis Packaging Dried Flower Mylar Bags With Clear Window

 There are many types of edible packaging, but flexible packaging is undoubtedly the most popular . Adding cannabis concentrate to food and beverages requires a clear distinction on the edible bags, such as adding cannabis signand using special child resistant zippers to prevent accidental ingestion.Gummies are the most popular edible cannabis.To pack this kind of edible,the aluminum foiled custom CBD packaging with funny image are most popular in the market.

Custom CBD Packaging Stand Up Pouches Mylar Bags

Foiled Edible Packaging Stand Up Pouches Barrier Bags

Custom Foiled CBD Packaging Bags  Flat barrier Bags

Empty Edible Cannabis Pacakging Flat Bags

The concentrate can be packed into the barrier bags directly ,or make it into syringe,but in order to ensure the hygiene and safety of the syringe ,and convenience of carrying, usually the syringe filled with the concentrate is packaged in long mylar bags. These kinds of packaging generally emphasizes the light-proof performance, because the concentrate will change in quality when exposed to the light.We generally recommend the use of x ray proof bags with aluminum foiled layer to achieve the effect of blocking light, oxygen and moisture. These custom cannabis packaging always flat bag, and the common sizes are as follows:

Capacity Bay type Size
1g Flat bags 1.38’’×6.1’’
2g Flat bags 2.5’’×9’’
2g Flat bags 7’’×2.7’’
2.5g Flat bags 3.95×6.5’’+2.33’’
3.5g Flat bags 5.12’’×8.27’’+3.15’’

Cannabis Oil Packaging Bags Stand Up Pouches With Clear Window

Custom Flat CBD Oil Foiled cannabis packaging suppliers In China

Medical cannabis will be packed in Peel-and-push blisters, usually wrapped in aluminum foil flexible packaging, and then placed in a box, or directly into a plastic bottle, sealed with aluminum cover, cap with lid. However, as people pay more and more attention to the environment, more and more pursuit of reduce, reuse and recycle, degradable flexible packaging has become a desired packaging trend,and the flat medical marijuana packaging bags will be the best option for the dispensary packaging.

In addition to the above concentrated forms of cannabis, The most convenient and easliest form of cannabis is  pre-roll. This form of cannabis  is most suitable for flexible packaging,the cost is much less than a box,and the mylar bags are all sealed,so the barrier property is much higher than box.Same as syringe packaging, a long flat bag is required, but the light barrier property does not need to be so high. The two layers of non-aluminized packaging bags with clear window is enough

Packaging guidelines for cannabis products

Speaking of the regulations on cannabis bag packaging, Canada and the United States are different, and the state and state regulations in the United States are not the same. Before designing packaging, you must be familiar with the regulatory requirements for cannabis packaging bags in the sales area.

The Canadian requirements for cannabis packaging are listed below:

Health Canada packaging guidelines for cannabis products include:

• A single uniform color

• Smooth texture

• No hidden features

• No features that can change surface area

• Cannot emit scent or sound

• No cut out windows

• No brand element

• No image or extraneous information

• No inserts or leaflets

The Canadian regulations require that the package:

• Not contain more than one class of cannabis

• Be opaque or translucent

• Be child resistant

• Have a security feature

• Not exceed the maximum quantity of THC

• Have control measures [dosing controls] for cannabis extracts not in discreet units

So if you are from Canada,please remember that your packaging bags can not contain a clear window,and should be smell-proof and child resistant,and brand and logo is banned.Therefore many canada cannabis company would like to purchase the ready to ship cannabis packaging bags  which are the plastc bags no minmum and  can be shared with many cannabis product.

Although the laws and regulations for cannabis packaging bags are different from state to state in the United States, there are many similarities, for example, all states selling cannabis have requirements that the package be child-resistant, and have clear cannabis sign and cannabis warning slogan, the product contains CBD and THC content, instructions for use,etc.So please be sure to understand the laws and regulations of selling state before designing the packaging.

From the various regulations above, one thing that the laws and regulations of different regions have in common is that it is recommended to use child resistant packaging to ensure the safety of children. Child resistant bags generally increase the difficulty of opening the package by adding special zippers but without preventing adults from opening the package, Beyin packing recommends three kinds of child resistant bags, you can click on the links below to learn about them one by one.

Understand the laws and regulations on cannabis in your place of sale, design the patterns and texts you need, and then tell us your requirements. Beyin packing’s professional sales team will give you professional advice on cannabis packaging. So don't hesitate, contact us now.