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Child resistant packaging are special packaging that prevent children from accessing the product inside the bags,mostly used to pack medical products,like marijuana products such as buds, flowers, and edibles like chocolates, brownies, cookies, and candies.the special zipper is added on the packaging bags,and the adult can open the bags by following the instruction printed on the packaging bags.

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Child resistant packaging bag

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Cannabis is mostly used in medicine. It is often used to assist in the treatment of certain terminal illnesses (cancer, AIDS), to increase appetite, relieve pain, and to relieve glaucoma, epilepsy, migraine and other neurological symptoms, as well as bipolar emotional instability. Can reduce the nausea symptoms of chemotherapy patients. The main effective chemical ingredient is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC has mental and physiological activity after inhalation or oral administration. THC is an open prescription drug in many countries and has the effect of reducing arterial blockage. Sativex, a sublingual spray made with cannabis extract, is approved in Canada to treat multiple sclerosis and can be legally imported into the UK and Spain as a prescription drug.On April 13, 2015, the medicinal value of marijuana was recognized: it kills cancer cells and improves the effect of radiotherapy. 

Although the medical application of cannabis is very common and the effect is good, it is still a hallucinogenic product. If an adult consumes too much without proper guidance, it will not only become addictive and cause hallucinations, it may be fatal. Not to mention that for children, it would be a very dangerous product. Therefore, if consumers have to buy marijuana and place it in home, preventing children from eating it by mistake will be the top priority.

In order to prevent this, many cannabis manufacturers have done safeguard at beginning, and they generally choose to use child resistant cannabis bags. Children resistant packaging bags are based on ordinary packaging bags, with special treatment at the opening to prevent children from easily opening the packaging bag and accidentally eating the hemp products inside. There are three different special opening devices for the children resistant bags produced by Beyin packing, let's introduce them one by one below:

Child resistant packaging types.

1. A special lock is added to the zipper,we also call it slider zipper.If you simply slide the lock,you cannot open the bag directly, you need to slide the lock to the point where the zipper is recessed, and then press the lock firmly and let the barb into the groove and slide the lock while pressing it down to open the bag. When closing, simply slide the lock to close the zipper normally. And in order to avoid excessive force cause the lock is directly drawn out of the ropeway. We have raised two ends of the zipper  to effectively prevent the lock from being drawn out of the track.

Custom child resistance slider zipper cannabis bag
Custom child resistance slider zipper cannabis bag

Beside this,we also have other special locked zipper as below:

Custom child resistance slider zipper cannabis bag

2. It is opened by a three-point one-off position,we call it double  zipper child resistant packaging.Ordinary we seal the entire zipper on the front and back of the bag. When opening, pull the front and back of the bag at the same time, and force in the opposite direction at the same time. The position of the zipper lock will separate when pulled by external force,then open. But this kind of misaligned zipper is sealed the front zipper on the bag only at the lower end of the zipper, and the upper end is not connected to the bag, but seal the whole zipper on the back side, and cuts a opeing at the back side below the zipper sealing position. In this case, if you simply pull the front and back of the bag in opposite directions at the same time, because the sealing positions of the zippers on the front and back are different, the force position of the zipper lock will be different and it will not be pulled apart. Therefore, you can only open the zipper by pulling both the front of the bag and the slit on the back at the same time, so that the pulling force on the chain is the same.

Custom child resistance slider zipper cannabis bag
Custom child resistance slider zipper cannabis bag
Custom child resistance slider zipper cannabis bag

3. The child resistant pinch N slid packaging are the packaging that zipper is sealed at the top of the bag without any locker. If you want to open the bag, you need to follow the steps marked on the bag. First place your fingers on the PINCH and squeeze it firmly ,then rub the front and back of the bag vigorously in the opposite direction to make the zipper form a misalignment, which will create an opening. Open the bag from the opening. To help open the bag,our beyin usually add frosted stickers on the PINCH to increase the friction between the bag and the finger and make it easier to open. This kind of bag can be opened with one hand for adults and is a very popular kind of child protection bag.

Custom child resistance slider zipper cannabis bag
Custom child resistance slider zipper cannabis bag
Custom child resistance slider zipper cannabis bag

These three special child resistant zippers can be installed on any packaging bag type, but the flat bags and stand up pouches are most popular packaging type in the cannabis packaging,they are beautiful, easy to display and easy to carry. The child resistant zippers can also be installed in any size packaging bags, as small as a 4×12cm flat bag, as large as a 40×50+10cm stand-up pouch, you can install it on any packaging bags if you need.

Item Custom child resistance slider zipper cannabis packaging
Size 0.5g, 1g,3.5g, 7g, 28g or customized
Material Matt or glossy surface with foil lined or customized
Thickness 80-150 microns/side or customized
Feature Zip lock, foil lined, high barrier
Surface Handling Gravure printing
MOQ 30,000 pieces



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