Custom Chip bags

custom chip bags

As a custom chip bags manufacturer,Beyin packing specialized in printing and producing pakcaging bags for more than 23 years.The material we used for chip bags is FDA approved food grade film,and various of custom chip bags you can find here.

chip bags

/Custom chip bags we produced

custom chip bags

custom chip packaging bags

It's fin seal bag
Fit for chips wihch need to fill in nitrogen.The size and printing can be customized based on your product.And the chip bags is oxygen-proof,light-proof.The material is FDA approved food grade film.

custom printed chip bags

custom printed chip packaging bags

Size and printing can be customized

Digital printing and rotogravure printing are available

custom potato chip bags

custom potato chip packaging bags

Stand up pouch
Matte finished and added with zipper

printed cracker resealable bags

customized hot cheetos packaging bag

Aluminum foiled bag
Laminated with aluminum foiled layer enable the bag to be light-proof

custom cheeto bags

custom chip packaging pouches

With clear window 
enable end-used see what's inside directly,increase the sell

custom printed chip bags

custom cheeto packaging bags

Laminated flexible pacakging 
Laminated with couple layer of film ,which make the whole bag strong enough to resistant the external destruction

printed chip bags

printed chip packaging bags

Paper stand up bag with shaped window

With shaped windoe made the whole packaging bags funky,and more attractive

personalized chip bags

chip bags custom

Stand up pouch with zipper

There's a gusset bottom which can support the whole bag stand up on the pouch firmly,better to display

/All About Custom Chip Bags

What are the bag types of custom chip bags?

The most popular custom chip bags on the market are stand up pouches and Fin seal bags. Stand up pouch is suitable for custom chip packaging that is not filled with nitrogen, and it is suitable for adding zipper, so that it can be sealed repeatedly even after opening the package , thereby extending the shelf life of  chips. And the stand up pouch has a gusset bottom, which can be opened and support whole bag stand up on the shelf stable, better to display. And the Fin seal bag is the simplest type of packaging, this kind of packaging is sealed in the middle of the back, Usually when the chips co-packer directly buy the printed roll film stock and installs it on the packaging machine, the resulting packaging type is fin seal bags, and fin seal bags cannot be installed with zipper, so it is more suitable for custom chips bags that requires nitrogen gas.

What are the materials for custom chip bags?

Generally, custom chip bags are made of multiple layers of plastic film, so that the entire packaging has strong mechanical strength, resistance to stretching, friction, and puncture, and can better protect the products in the packaging bag. And the outer composite plastic film can be beautifully printed, which is impossible with paper, and the inner film is FDA approved food grade film, which can ensure the safety of food, and the inner film has good performance at sealing and can help to seal the bag.

How to design custom chip bag?

When designing a custom chip bag, consider some user-friendly design, such as the necessity to leave a place for tear notch, which can help end-user to open the chips bags easily. And also consider whether to add zipper, if The packaging capacity is relatively large, it is recommended to add zipper, which can help reseal the bag and longer the shelf life of the chips. Whether it is necessary to add a clear window design, which can help the end-user to see the products in the bag directly and increase the sell.

What are the printing methods for custom chip bags?

Beyin Packing can provide digital printing and rotogravure printing. No matter which printing method, it can be made into  matte or glossy finish, and if you need to highlight LOGO or other important product information, Beyin Packing can also provide UV printing and golden stamping process to make some important information more conspicuous.

What is the MOQ of custom chip bag?

There is no MOQ requirement for the digital printing provided by Beyin packing, but we recommend quantity more than 2,000 pcs,because it is the most cost-effective. The rotogravure printing provided by Beyin packing can print custom chip bags in large quantities. Although there is a MOQ requirement, the unit price is lower. MOQ will vary according to the size of the custom chip bags.

What are some ways to make your custom chip bag unique?

For example, the UV printing and golden stamping processes mentioned above can highlight your important product information and make it more attractive. In addition, Beyin Packing also has some special materials, such as laser films, drawbench film, etc, to make your packaging is unique, you can consult our sales staff for details.

How to measure the size of custom chip bag??

The picture below shows you how to measure the size of a custom chip bag.

How to measure the zipper bag

How to transport custom chip bags?

After the custom chip bags are produced, we will use carton to pack the bags, and stick sample bags on the outside of the carton to distinguish the products. After that, the carton will be protected again with stretch film. We usually use DHL and FEDEX for transportation. If the product volume is large, we recommend air and sea transportation. Beyin Packing can take care of the transportation, so you just need to stay at home and waiting for receiving your own custom chip bags.

What do I need to do to customize the chip bags?

If you want to custom chip bags, all you need to do is to confirm the attributes of your product, such as whether it has undergone high temperature treatment, whether it is necessary to fill the packaging with nitrogen, and the type of packaging you prefer, and the packaging capacity,that’s all, beyin packing can help you finish the remain works, isn't it simple?

/Custom chip bags

Why we need custom chip bags?

Abandon those boring and unprinted chip bags, it's time to design and customize your own chip bags. A personalized chip bag can bring you more loyal users, which is more conducive to the spread of your brand, promote your brand, and bring more customers to your products. The first step is to customize your own chip bags.

Custom chip bags means that you can make a package that completely fits your own products from the size, the packaging materials, and packaging printing can be completely based on your preferences and fully fit the markting of your product

beyin packing
Beyin packing
Custom packaging bags professinal

/Custom chip bags manufacturer


Beyin Packing can provide you with a complete custom chip bag solution, including recommended bag size according to your product, recommended packaging composition materials according to your product characteristics, and help you design your packaging , according to your preferences add user-friendly design to the packaging, so there is no need to worry about custom your own chip bags. Beyin Packing can help you from the beginning,from packaging design to packaging production to transportation .All you need to do is to trust us.



BPA-FREE and FDA approved food grade material



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Biodegradable material and 100% recycable material are available