Custom clothing packaging bags solution

Custom clothing

packaging bags 


Beyin packing specilized in design and producing pacakging bags of clothing for more than 20 years,we can provide various of clothing packaging bags solutions,such as shopping paper bags,laminated mylar bags,PE bag with handle and PE zip lock bags.


The packaging bags can be printed with your logo and design,the bag size also can be customized.

PE bags with handle

clothing packaging bags

Samples of clothing packaging bags

shopping paper bags
white paper bags

Brown shopping paper bags

The brown shopping pape bags can be printed with your logo and design,and the size also can be customized as your product size.The paper is a kind of eco-friendly material and popular in the market.

White paper shopping bags

The paper we used is made by 100%original pulp,and the handle can be twisted ot flat.

Frosted PE zip lock bags

The frosted PE zipper bag often used as inner packaging of the clothing,suitable going with box packaging,can be customized logo,printing,and size

PE take away bags
clothing packaging bags
mask packaging bags

PE bags with handle

PE bags with handle is a kind of take away packaging bags, made by PE plastic film,can be printed with colorful design..

Custom Laminated mylar bags

Laminated mylar bags is a kind of premium display packaging bags,they are laminated with couple layers of film and with high barrier property from oxygen,moisture and dust outside.And they can be stand up pouch and flat bags.

Custom Foiled clothing packaging bags

Foiled clothing packaging bags are laminated with a layer of aluminum,so that the bag can have higher barrier property,and get light-proof.Foiled clothing packaging bags are slao a kind of premium pacakging bags.  

mask packaging bags

Why are clothes packaging bags important for clothes sales?

Around the world,you can found that customers pay more and more attention to the product's environment instead of only paying attention to the property of the product,the environment here means the product's packaging,the environment the product in.For example,if you wanna buy a clothing,will you go to a shop with dark light and mess and unlcean enviroment,or you'd perfer go to a shop with exquisitely renovating and clean display?Abviously you will choose the second one.And in same way,the beautiful packaging will also effect the custom's choose.I'm not going to deny the appeal of the product itself,but when most of seller have similiar product,then you have to compete the packaging,especially for the visual merchandise,like clothing.

Size reference for the clothing packaging bags

Clothing bags size

Hot sale of clothing packaging bags

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underwear packaging bags

Mask bags

Due to the epidemic, face masks are in high demand, and the demand for face mask bags is soaring.

T-shirt bags

T-shirt are very hot sale ,so same t-shirt bags are very hot sale.

Underwear bags

The annual sales of underwear are astronomical.

Custom your own clothing pacakging bags

Customized your own packaging bags with your size and design printing.