Custom printed cookie package bags wholesale China manufacturer

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  • Individual cookie packaging bags and bulk cookie packaging bags are available,
  • Laminated with couple layers of plastic film or paper,resistant to strength,friction,and puncture
  • With high barrier property,can block oxygen and moisture
  • Can be customized printing and size
  • Foiled packaging bags can block most of UV light,longer the freshness time

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Custom printed cookie package bags wholesale China manufacturer

There are many kinds of cookie packaging on the market, such as tin cans, boxes, flexible packaging bags, bottles, and even cups. But flexible packaging is undoubtedly the most popular type of cookie packaging, because compared to tin cans and boxes, flexible packaging is more cost-effective. It can be printed with exquisite patterns while keeping the cost under control. Compared with plastic bottles, Flexible packaging can use less plastic and is more in line with 3R environmental protection standards.

Individual cookie packaging bags,square cookie packaging bags,circle cookie packaging bags,bulk cookie packaging bags are all popular in the cookie market

stand up pouch cookie packging bags from Beyin packing

Let's start with the individual cookie packaging bag,you can see the two sides are heat sealed,and the middle of back is also heat sealed,we call this kind of packaging bags are fin seal bags.Normally this kind of packaging bags are made by packing machine,the cookie brand owner,or cookie producer,they have a packing machine,what they need the packaging bags type is roll stock,the printed roll stock  just like the left picture show.

And install the printed roll stock on the packing machine,when the machine rolling,the roll film will rolling,and packing machine fill in the cookies on the roll fim,and the folding plate will fold the roll film like this,and heat seal the middle of back and two sides,then cut into the individual cookies.
So if you have a packing machine,we recommend you buy printed rollstock,which is cheaper,and it also can save the labor cost,because the whole packing process is automatic.

chocolate bar packaging bags from Beyin packing

But a packing machine is so expensive,and if you are a fresh in this industry and do not want to pay that much money on the packing machine,then you can buy a heat seal machine ,which is much cheaper.And if you buy a heat sealing machine,then the roll stock will not suitable for you,what you need to buy is finished packaging bags that made by the packaging bags manufacture.What you need to do is fill in the cookie in the finished packing bags,and heat seal the opening,very easy.

The finished packaging bags including fin seal bags,flat bags,stand up pouch,side gusset bag and flat bottom bag.The fin seal bag is like this,bottom and middle of back is sealed ,and flat bag is sealed at three sides,the bottom,and two sides.These two kind of packaging bags suitable for smaller quantity cookie packing,such as individual cookie,and if you wanna pack circle cookies,the the fin seal bag is also suitable for you.

And stand up pouch is suitable for bulk cookies,there’s front and back two panels can display the brand and product information,and there’s a gusset bottom,when you fill in the product,the bottom will be opened,and support the whole bag stand up on the shelf.Stand up pouch is very popular on the market
And this side gusset bag is also popular to pack large quantity cookies,when you fill in the product,the two gusset sides will be opened,and the whole bag will be net cube.

And if you are looking for premium packaging bags,the flat bottom bag is recommended,It combine the advantage of stand up pouch and side gusset,the bottom is flat so it can stand up on the shelf stable,and there’s too many panels can display the brand and product information,the whole flat bottom bag shape is very beautiful and popular in the snack and pet food market.

All these cookie packaging bags are laminated with 2 or 3 even 4 layers of plastic film or paper.Cause the bag need high mechanical property to resistant the stretch,friction and puncture,to protect the entire bag and the product inside.And the outer layer film can be printed with colorful pattern and design,and the inner layer film shoulf be FDA approved food grade film which can touch with food directly to keep the safty of the food.The whole packaging bags have high barrier property to block the oxygen and moisture outside.

And if your cookie is rich with fat and sweet,then there should add one layer of foiled layer,which is silver color,because the light will accelarating the fat breakdown,and case light-oxidation cause the degenerative of the cookie.So the cookis rich with fat and sweet should be packed avoid the light,and the foiled layer can block most of light outside,and prevent light oxidatio,and keep the cookie's freshness.

But if your cookie is not rich in fat and suger ,then the printed clear packaging bag is enough for you.

And if you are looking for feature packaging bags,then the paper pouch is recommended,it's classic and eco-friendly.But the paper pouch is also laminated with couple layers of film,because the paper can not be printed with exquisite pattern,and it'svery easy tear up in the transportation,so it should be protected by the plastic film,and paper cannot directly contact with food which will make paper dirty and easy to be broken,so the inner layer of paper need to be laminated with the food grade plastic film.And if you have high requirement for the light proof,then the foiled layer will be laminated.

And for the printing,you can add UV printing to highlight the logo or the information you wanna emphasize,and the matte finish and glossy finish are available.

The flat bag,stand up pouch and flat bottom bag can be added with zipper,which can resealable the bag even after opening the packaging bags,then extend the freshnees time and shelf lfe.

And the tear notch is needed to help the end user to tear the packaging bags.

If you want to hang the packaging bags on the shelf,then the hang hole is needed.

Beyin packing has specilized in printing and producing packaging bags for more than 20 year,we have mature team and rich experience to help you figure out the packaging bags solution,and we have strict quality control procedure to control the quality.we also have the design time to provide the free design,any question about packaging bags,contact us any time.

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