Custom printed flat paper pouch

Short Description:

  • Simplest pouch type,with front and back panel to display the brand and product information
  • Made by kraft paper,eco-friendly material
  • Suitable for nuts,snack,powder and so on
  • lead time is 15-25 dyas

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Flat paper pouch

Flat paper pouch Details

Flat paper pouches are generally used to pack nuts,snack,powder,tea and so on .

Features of flat paper pouch:

1. flat pouch is the simplest packaging pouch,only with front and back panel

2. The flat pouch occupies the least space and is convenient to carry out

3. The best air tightness, the ideal option for vacuum pouch

4. With hanging holes, it can be directly hung on the shelf for easy display


Kraft paper pouch is made of kraft pulp, usually is light brown, cream or white color. It is flexible and strong, has high burst resistance, can withstand greater tension and pressure, is a good material for packaging. In addition, because kraft paper is eco-friendly and recyclable, and beautiful, it is now more and more popular and promoted.


Material laminated:

PET+KRAFT PAPER+PE: Used for normal goods,and glossy surface;

BOPP+KRAFT PAPER+PE:Used for normal goods,and matt surface;

PET+KRAFT PAPER+VMPET+PE:Used for the the goods need avoid lighting.

PET+KRAFT PAPER+AL+PE:Used for the goods need strictly block the lighting.

Production Process:

Printing, 9-color high-speed gravure printing machine, the maximum roll width can reach 1.25 meters. A 9-color gravure printing machine means that there are 9 ink tanks. The ordinary color can be superimposed with four colors of red, yellow, cyan and black. If the color requirements are stricter, or when printing on a large area background color, you need to use spot colors.

 Laminating, our company currently has solvent-free laminating machine and solvent laminating machine, normally we use solvent laminating machine first spay the water-soluble glue on the back of printed layer and laminated with other layers.

Drying: Then put laminated roll in a constant temperature dryer for drying and curing to make the lamination stronger and eliminate the smell.

Inspection:Use computer to inspect the laminated roll,and use black label mark the unqualified point,and picked up the completed piece which with black label.

Cutting: Cut the laminated roll into needed width,

Bag making: fold and seal the bag into flat  bag.


The flat paper bag is suitable for various kinds of nuts,snacks,tea,fish food ,pet food etc.

Flat paper pouch is a good choice for tea, and some client need to block the light, then we will add a aluminizing layer to block the moisture, UV light and oxygen.

Custom spice bags China food bags manufacturer

This is a date flat paper pouch,it’s eye-catching with the glossy brand which is golden stamped.The golden stamp can highlight the brand and catch the customer’s eye.And with the hang hole ,it can be hanged on the shelf, better for displaying.And the circle clear window to show what is exactly inside.

This flat paper pouch is with a matt clear window, which can show the goods inside directly, then the customer can pick it out easily,and matt window is more top grade and enhance the brand grade.

This bag is a cooked chicken flat paper pouch, the paper pouch reduce the greasy sense of the food, and with hang hole can help hang in the shelf, and better for display.

And dried food also like use the flat paper pouch,and white paper is a good choice,the white paper bag is more beautiful and clean.

This is a grain flat paper pouch,the shaped window make the artwork vivid, and catch the customer’s eye.

To load snack,candy and souger ,flat paper pouch is more convenient, easy to carry out, and with a tear notch ,the customer can open the packing

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