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There are mainly 5 bag types, flat bag, stand up bag, side gusset bag, flat bottom bag and roll stock. 4 of them are separate bags, just roll stock is in a whole roll. This type of bag is suitable for filling machine, which saves a lot of time and cost of labor cost.Here show you How to use roll stock packaging?

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Customized plastic rollstock pacakging

The packaging bags usually include finished packaging bags and semi-finished packaging bags. Finished packaging bags generally refer to packaging bags that have been formed and can be directly added in the product, such as flat bags, stand up bags, side gusset bags, and flat bottom bags,Back sealed bags, etc., and semi-finished packaging bags refer to rollstock packaging, which are a roll of composite plastic film or paper film.

Under normal circumstances, if you have a packaging machine, you can directly buy the rollstock packaging, and then use the packaging machine to run the rollstock to package the product. By this way, first of all ,the cost of the  rollstock packaging is lower than that of the finished bag, and second, you can save packaging labor Cost, thirdly, it can improve packaging efficiency. The use of rollstock packaging is a good choice for automatic flow production.

pet food bag,pet snack bag,dog food bag,dog snack bag
film roll from Beyin packing

There are two kinds of packaging machines that use rollstock packaging. One is to fold the roll film left and right to package the product, and then cut and heat seal the package front and end , and the other is as a form of cup lid to cover the film directly on the top of the bottle and then cut and heat seal. The difference between these two products is that the first one is to cut and heat seal the roll film after folding, while the second one is to directly cover the film to the cup top and cut and heat seal directly. 

film roll packing maching
film roll packing machine

And on the rollstock packaging printing,besides the customer’s design, there are also black cursors on the rollstock packaging, so that the packaging machine can identify the starting point and ending point of each piece of packaging film you need for packaging.

film roll from Beyin packing

The production process of the rollstock packaging is also relatively simple compared with the finished bag, Its production process only includes printing and lamination, not including cutting and folding. First, use 9 colors high speed printing machine print customer’s artwork on the outside film , and then laminating the printed outer film and the food-grade inner film which can directly contact with the product with glue via laminating machine, And last is though soliding room to eliminate the smell and solid the glue to make the film roll strong enough.

Generally, the length of a film roll is 6000m. You can calculate how many finished products a rollstock packaging can make according to the length of your product.

Plastic rollstock pacakaging specification

Item Custom printed plastic rollstock packaging
Size customized
Material Matt or glossy surface with foil lined or customized
Thickness 80-150 microns/side or customized
Feature Roll film
Surface Handling Gravure printing
MOQ 200kg


Shipping Terms

Different shipping terms are available based on customer reference.

Normally, if cargoes below 100kg, suggest ship by express like DHL, FedEx, TNT, etc, between 100kg-500kg, suggest ship by air, above 500kg, suggest ship by sea.


Mainly we pack the rollstock packaging with common export paper cartons, and then coated with wrapping Film for moisture proof.

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