Stand up Aluminum Foil Retort Pouch for Sauce 130 Celsius Degree Dressing Retort Pouch Bag

Short Description:

  • Stand up pouch can stand up on the shelf by itself,better to display
  • Folied layer can block UV light,oxygen and moisture outside,and keep the freshness as long as possible
  • Zipper can be added on the pouch to reseal the packaging bags
  • MOQ from 2,000pcs to 100,000pcs based on the bag size.
  • Tear notch is needed to let customer open the packaging bags easily
  • Clear window can be designed to let end-customer see what’s inside the packaging bags directly,increase the sale.
  • BPA-FREE and FDA approved food grade material

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How to design a sauce bag?

Sauce is an auxiliary material in cooking. Although it has been responsible for assisting, no one has ever dared to say that it is not important. The taste of a dish often needs sauce to control. General sauce have a certain fluidity, there are paste-like, such as strawberry sauce, salad sauce, curry sauce, or granular powder, like cumin powder, , pepper powder, or liquid, such as olive oil, Vinegar, there are also solid compound seasonings, such as hot pot bottoms. Different forms of sauce has different special packaging requirements, including stability, non-toxicity, repeated sealing, sealing and some physical and mechanical properties. Let's learn more about it.

Pasty sauce bags

Pasty sauce generally contains water, so it is easy to breed bacteria. It must be antibacterial during storage. The packaging will require the conditions to isolate the growth of bacteria, and the requirements for moisture-proof, oxygen-proof and light-proof are relatively high, then composite materials and aluminum plating are usually used, which has good airtightness and a strong barrier to oxygen. It prevents the sauce  from being oxidized. Under normal circumstances, it can guarantee the sauce will not deteriorate in 12 months. If you need higher protection requirements, you can choose to use pure aluminum instead as a protective layer.

Customized sauce bag wholesale China factory
Customized sauce bag wholesale China factory

Powdery sauce

The powdery sauce is relatively dry, and the protection level is relatively lower than that of the pasty sauce. You can choose BOPP/PE or PET/PE two-layer composite packaging bags. Adding a transparent window allows consumers to clearly see the products inside, which is more intuitive.

Customized sauce bag wholesale China factory
Customized sauce bag wholesale China factory

Liquid sauce

For liquid sauces, we usually recommend using a spout bag for easy pouring.

Customized sauce bag wholesale China factory
Customized sauce bag wholesale China factory

Solid sauce

The solid sauce is generally vacuum-packed in a vacuum bag first, and then packed in an outer bag for secondary packaging.

Beyin packaging uses FDA-approved food-grade plastic film as the inner layer of all sauce packaging bags, to ensure the compatibility and tolerance of the packaging materials to the sauces, and to ensure that sauces will not pass the inner film and penetrate between the two layers of materials, and it will not leak out of the sauce bag. In addition, the sauce bags customized by Beyin packing prefer high-performance adhesives to ensure that they can maintain their adhesive effect after contact with the sauce, avoid delamination of the composite film, and prevent the sauce from contacting the printing ink layer.

Generally, the packaging bag of sauce is a flat bag or stand up bag, which is used to hold small and medium volume products. The thickness of the packaging bag is between 60~200 microns/side according to the weight of the product. Uniform thickness is the basic requirement of plastic packaging bags. The sauce bags produced by Beyin Packaging will undergo strict testing, including thickness test, peel strength test, tensile strength test, elastic modulus test, friction coefficient test, retort resistance test, etc. A series of tests ensure that the sauce bag has a uniform thickness, high flexibility, and can withstand a certain pressure without breaking. The multilayer film is firmly compounded, grease-resistant, and high-temperature resistant to ensure that the packaging bag does not have problems such as delamination, shrinkage, and bag breakage after the packaging bag is retorted and sterilized. Control the coefficient of friction within a reasonable range to ensure that it does not unwind or slip.

The sauce bag is used as a food supplement, so its safety must be guaranteed. Beyin packing introduced a high-speed laminating machine, which has faster heating speed, faster additive volatilization, and fewer harmful substances. After the production is completed,Beyin packing will also test the sauce bags through the solvent residue test, strictly control the solvent residues, and avoid the migration of residual solvents into the sauce under high temperature environments, thereby protecting the health of consumers.

For small-capacity packaging bags, one-time-use packaging bags, do not need to add zippers, just add a tear notch, or if your product needs to be hung on the shelf, remember to add hook holes. For large-volume products that need to be used repeatedly, it is recommended to add a zipper, which can be sealed repeatedly to extend the shelf life of the sauce.

Customized sauce bag wholesale China factory
Customized sauce bag wholesale China factory

The storage of the packaging bag is very important. If the packaging bag is exposed to the sun and wind for a long time,the color will be fade even it’s inside printing, so the packaging bag should be stored in a cool and ventilated place,so that the gorgeous color of the packaging bag can be retained for a long time.And don't stack it too high to prevent the bag from being damaged by excessive compression and friction.

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