Food storage mylar bags

Various size of mylar bags with oxygen absorbers and sticker are available in Beyin packing,we are a mylar bags manufacturer in China,with more than 23 years manufacturer experience,can provide you with the high quality mylar bags and factory direct price.

The bag type of Mylar bags

Mylar bags flat bags

Flat bags are the bags that made by front and back two panels,without the bottom,and the three sides are sealed ,only leave the opening to fill in the product.A kind of simple mylar bags.

Stand up pouch mylar bags

stand up pouches are the pouches with gusset bottom,after filling in the product,the bottom opened,and support whole bag stand up on the table firmly.

The material of mylar bags

The food storage mylar bags are made by pure that the whole bag has higher barrier property, effectively block external oxygen, moisture, and odor, and can achieve 100% protection from light, extending the shelf life of food.

And there's a layer of food grade film laminated with the aluminum at inner part,which can insure the food safety,and with its sealability,can help heat seal the bags easily.

The whole bags are with strong mechanical character,resist external stretching, friction, puncture, protect the integrity of the product in the mylar bags, and not be damaged by the outside world

The mylar bags size and capacity

If fill in the rice,then the capacity of the mylar bags as following:

Flat bags mylar bags:

Capacity 1/3pt 2/3pt 1pt 1.5pt 1qt 1.8qt 2.4qt 1gallon  5.1qt 2gallons 5gallons
Bag size 4.3''×6.3'' 5.1''×7.1'' 6''×7.9'' 6.3''×9'' 7.1''×10.2'' 7.9''×11.8'' 8.7''×12.6'' 10.2''×14.2'' 11.8''×12.7'' 13.8''×19.7'' 15.7''×23.6''
Thickness 8.66mil 8.66mil 8.66mil 8.66mil 8.66mil 8.66mil 8.66mil 8.66mil 8.66mil 8.66mil 8.66mil
Oxygen Aborsobers 300cc 300cc 300cc 300cc 300cc 300cc 300cc 300cc 300cc 300cc 2000cc

Stand up pouch mylar bags:

Capacity 0.5pt 1pt 1qt 1.5qt 2qt 1gallon 1.5gallons
Bag Size 4.34''×6.30''+2.36'' 5.51''×7.48''+2.76'' 6.69''×9.45''+3.15'' 8.27''×12.20''+3.94'' 9.06''×13.78''+3.94'' 10.24''×13.78''+3.94'' 11.81''×16.54''+4.72''
Thickness 9.45mil 9.45mil 9.45mil 9.45mil 9.45mil 9.45mil 9.45mil
Oxygen Aborsobers 300cc 300cc 300cc 300cc 300cc 300cc 300cc

Application of the food storage mylar bags

Emergencies always happen unexpectedly, so we often want to store some survival food in normal times. At this time, we need a container that can ensure the freshness of food for a long time. mylarbags came into being. Mylar bags combined with oxygen absorbers and stikers, are considered the best way to store large quantities of food for 20 to 30 years. These Mylar bags block sunlight and provide an additional barrier to oxygen and moisture.


Can be used to extend the shelf life of many dehydrated foods, such as:

  • Rice, pasta, beans, grains, flours and powders
  • Nuts, seeds, dried fruits and vegetables
  • Coffee, tea, cocoa
  • And many more!

The flat bags mylar bags also can be used vacuum bags to store meat .

How to seal food storage mylar bags

The food storage mylar bags need to be heat sealed,it's very easy,you can heat seal the opening with household iron,hair straightener,Impulse sealer,Calmshell sealer and sothingthing like these.


Beyin packing is a manufacturer in China ,specialized in printing and producing packaging bags for more than 20 years.Our customers are from more than 20 countries,including USA,Canada,UK,Germany,France ,etc.We have more than 20 production lines,and more than 50 technicist.The integrated quality control procedure systematically control each process,to ensure the product quality.

We have rich experience to help you custom your own packaging bags,from bag type,material,feature,bag size recommendation,and bag artwork design.Our pcakging bags placement reference including coffee bags,tea bags,candy bags,cookie bags,chocolate bags,chips bags,popcorn bags,jerky bags,cannabis bags,nuts bags,dried fruit bags,pet food bags,baking powder bags, protein powder bags,spice bags,vacuum bags,drink pouches,wine pouches,baby food pouches,lawn and graden product bags,clothing bags,mask bags.make up tools bags,and so on.

Our Service

All you need to do is tell us your product

Depending on your product,Beyin packing can provide custom packaging bags solution for free,we can recommend the situable material,based on the bag capacity ,we can advise the bag size and situable bag type,we also will remind the user-friendly design on the bag.

Based on your requirement,we can provide free design,or die-line for you design the artwork on.

Based on the quantity you need,we can recommend the different printing methods ,which can solve the MOQ problem.

After finish the production,we can take care of the door-to door transportation,and you just need to stay at your place and waiting for your own brand bags.

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We devoted ourself into the research about biodegradable bags and 100% recyclable mutilayer packaging bags, hoping to reduce the plastic waste on the earth.

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