All about spouted pouches

1. What is a spouted pouch?

The spouted pouch is to add a spout on the sealed bag so that the product in the bag can be poured out from the mouth of the spout.

2. What types of spouted pouch are there?

To distinguish from the bag type, the spout bags are divided into  flat spout bags and  stand up spout bags. Stand up spout bags are the most popular type of spout bag, which can stand on its own and is easy to display on the shelf.

3. What is the spouted pouch used for?

Spouted pouches are mostly used for packaging liquids or gel-like products, such as beverages, milk, yogurt, beer, laundry detergent, jelly, baby food and other liquid products.

4. Why use spouted pouch?

The spouted pouches are mostly used for packaging liquid products. The spout on the spout bag can control the amount of product flowing out, and it can also be sealed repeatedly. Since other parts of the bag are sealed except for the spout, so the sealing degree is better than that of ordinary packaging bags, which is more conducive to packaging liquid products.

5. What are spouted pouch made of?

The spouted pouches are composed of multiple layers of plastic film, because the spouted pouch is mostly used for liquid packaging,and the liquid is easy to lose nutrients and happen chemical changes under the irradiation of light, high barrier performance is the first consideration. Aluminum is mostly used in the spout bags to block light, moisture and oxygen. . In order to increase the drop resistance of the bag, we generally recommend the use of nylon for the outer layer. This kind of material with high mechanical strength, high temperature and low temperature resistance, is a perfect choice for the outer layer of the spout bag, especially the beer spout bag, or retort required bags or the large-capacity spout bag ,are all made of PA material. The inner layer is generally recommended to use economical and safe PE film.

6. Why can't the spouted pouch be a single layer?

Each layer of plastic film in the spout bag has a certain effect. A spout bags need to be strong enough to resistant dropping,friction,and moving,meanwhile the material is food grade and can directly contact the food,and can be printed,have high barrier propertied,and stand up high temperature.,and there’s no single layer of film can meet all of these requirement,therefore, multi-layers plastic films are required to take on different roles to jointly ensure food safety.

7. What problems often occur with customized spouted pouch?

a. Why the spouted pouch are not tightly sealed and leaks after filling?

Generally, it is because your packaging bag vendor chooses PET or OPP outer films. These two kinds of outer films are often used on food packaging bags, but when used on spout bags, due to the insufficient mechanical strength of these two films, when the nozzle is installed, the bag needs to be pulled and sealed at high temperature,then there are often cracks or leaks on the outer layer.,although it is not visible on the surface, liquid leakage will often occur after filling. To solve this problem,our Beyin packing always use PA as outer layer to make sure there’s no damage when sealing the nozzle.

b. Why does your juice taste change in a short time?

Mostly because the barrier properties of the packaging bag are not enough, the liquid will easily change its flavor and lose the original nutrition when exposed to light. If your packaging vendor replaces pure aluminum with foiled aluminum in order to save costs, although it seems to be same silver, but the isolation effect is really poor. Foiled aluminum can only block some light, and cannot block all light like pure aluminum.

c. Why does the spouted pouch delaminate?

The spout bag is composed of multiple layers of plastic film. If the quality of the adhesive is too poor, the packaging bag will be easily delaminated. Beyin Packaging not only uses high-quality adhesives, but also has professional composite material peeling inspection equipment during finished product inspection to conduct composite strength inspection to ensure that the composite strength is high enough before acceptance.

In addition to testing the size, thickness, appearance, tensile strength, heat-sealing strength, tightness and composite strength of packaging bags, Beyin Packaging also detects the frictional strength of packaging bags, especially roll film, because the friction coefficient of the film roll directly affects the speed of the automatic packaging machine. Therefore, ensuring that the friction coefficient of the packaging bag matches the filling speed of the customer's machine is also we need to detect.

8. What patterns can be printed on the spouted pouch?

The spout bag can be printed any pattern that the customer wants to print, and the 9-color high-speed printing machine used by Beyin Packaging can restore the customer's design draft at high speed.

9.What’s the MOQ of spouted pouch?

The MOQ of spout bags based on the bag size,large size with less MOQ,small size with more MOQ,normally the MOQ is about 10000pcs~50000pcs.Please contact with sale team of Beyin packing to get more information.

10.What’s the lead time of producing spouted pouch?

About 15~25 days after artwork approved and deposit received.

11.How to contact with sale team?

You can email, or whatsapp +12134618535,to get professional advise for designing your own spout bags.

Post time: Mar-15-2021