Best packaging solution for 15KG pet food

For packaging 15KG of pet food, you may consider the following options:

Poly-lined Kraft paper bags: These bags are strong and offer good barrier properties to protect the food from moisture and odors.But this kind of bags cannot be printed with beautiful design.


Polypropylene bags: These bags are strong, moisture-resistant, and can be heat-sealed for a secure closure.But these kind of packaging cannot provide with better barrier property.


Flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs): These are large, flexible bags that are often used to package bulk goods such as pet food. They can be made from woven polypropylene and are ideal for storing and transporting large quantities of pet food.Same issue,cannot printed with complicated design.


Plastic containers: Plastic containers, such as pails or buckets, can also be used to package dog food. These containers provide a durable, stackable option for storage and transport.But with high cost.


Flexible bags: These bags offer excellent barrier properties and can be printed with your brand and product information.

15kg pet food packaging

Compare these packaging, you can find that flexible packaging can be print beautiful artwork, and has the best insulation performance, and the price is also cheap. It is the best choice for packaging heavy pet food.
For the flexible packaging bag of 15KG dog food, side gusset bags are the most suitable packaging bag type.Side gusset bags are a type of packaging that have gussets or pleats on the sides of the bag. This design allows the bag to expand and accommodate larger or bulkier items. The gussets on the sides can also help to maintain the shape and stability of the bag.

15kg pet food packaging
15kg pet food packaging
15kg pet food packaging-5

The material choose of the 15KG pet food packaging

Side gusset bags are laminated with couple layers of plastic films.When choose the material,the biggest challenge for packing dog food with such a heavy weight of 15KG is the firmness of the packaging bag, so for the selection of materials, it is necessary to choose a plastic film with better tensile strength and toughness.
The following is a comparison of the tensile strength of some commonly used plastic films:
PET (polyethylene terephthalate):Tensile strength: 60-90 MPa Elongation at break: 15-50% 

PA (polyamide):Tensile strength: 80-120 MPa Elongation at break: 20-50%

AL (aluminum foil):Tensile strength: 60-150 MPa  Elongation at break: 1-5%

PE (polyethylene):Tensile strength: 10-25 MPa Elongation at break: 200-1000%

PP (polypropylene):Tensile strength: 30-50 MPa Elongation at break: 100-600%

PVC (polyvinyl chloride):Tensile strength: 40-70 MPa Elongation at break: 10-100%

PS (polystyrene):Tensile strength: 50-70 MPa Elongation at break: 1-3%

ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene):Tensile strength: 40-70 MPa Elongation at break: 5-50%

PC (polycarbonate):Tensile strength: 55-75 MPa Elongation at break: 80-150%

Obviously, PA is the material with the best toughness, and it is essential when packing large-weight dog food.In addition, we can also increase the thickness of the bags to enhance the toughness of the bags.

And barrier property is also important for packing pet food cause pet food products can quickly spoil and become contaminated if they come into contact with moisture. A packaging bag with good barrier properties can help protect the pet food from moisture by preventing it from entering the bag.And Oxygen can also lead to spoilage of pet food products, especially those that contain fats and oils. Barrier properties can prevent oxygen from entering the packaging and coming into contact with the pet food, thus extending its shelf life. Barrier properties can help prevent odor and flavor transfer between the pet food and its packaging. This is important because pets can be very sensitive to changes in the taste and smell of their food.Exposure to light can cause pet food products to deteriorate and lose nutritional value. Barrier properties can prevent light from entering the packaging and damaging the pet food.

So choose the right material to get better barrier property is also very important.

Then what kind of material is with better barrier property,here's a list of the barrier property data for some popular plastic films:

Polyethylene (PE): PE has poor barrier properties and does not prevent the passage of gases or liquids, making it unsuitable for packaging applications that require a high level of barrier protection.

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET): PET has excellent barrier properties and can prevent the passage of most gases, liquids, and odors. It is commonly used in beverage and food packaging, as well as medical and pharmaceutical applications.

Polypropylene (PP): PP has better barrier properties than PE, but still does not provide a high level of protection against gases or liquids. It is commonly used in packaging applications where a low level of barrier protection is

Polyamide (PA), also known as nylon: PA has good barrier properties and can prevent the passage of most gases and liquids, but is not effective at blocking odors. It is commonly used in applications that require high strength and
toughness, such as electrical and electronic components.

Aluminum (AL): Aluminum is an excellent barrier material and can prevent the passage of most gases, liquids, and odors. It is commonly used in food packaging and medical applications due to its high barrier properties and excellent
resistance to heat and moisture.

Vacuum metalized polyethylene terephthalate (VMPET): VMPET is a laminated material that combines PET and aluminum to provide an excellent barrier against gases, liquids, and odors. It is commonly used in high-barrier food packaging and
medical applications.

Paper: Paper has poor barrier properties and does not prevent the passage of gases, liquids, or odors. It is commonly used in applications where a low level of barrier protection is required, such as newspaper and magazine printing.

So abviously aluminum is the best barrier property material,but normally we will use aluminum foil plastic instead of the aluminum to save the cost meanwhile get high barrier property.

The user-friendly design of the 15KG pet food packaging

For such a large package of dog food as 15kg, no one can use it all at once, so it is best to seal it again after opening the seal.
According to this user demand, we generally add a zipper to the top of the bag to repeatedly seal the bag, thereby extending the shelf life of the product in the bag. The zip lock is a reclosable feature located at the top of the bag,which allows for easy opening and closing of the bag without the need for scissors or other tools.

The printing of the 15KG pet food packaging

The 15KG side gusset bags can be printed with your logo and design,we use rotogravure printing ,which can print max 10 colors,and can print high-quality images with sharp and fine details.

Sum up,the ziplock side gusset bags are best packaging bags solution for 15KGpet food.

Post time: Mar-03-2023