Beyin packing paid for their employees to do the nucleic acid testing

At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in our Province is severe, more and more people choose to do nucleic acid at their own expense. In order to ensure the safety of employees and avoid cross-infection caused by centralized testing, on January 15, 2021, Beyin packing conducted nucleic acid testing for employees at its own expense to create a safe working environment for employees.

At 8 o'clock in the morning on the 15th, the employees of Beyin packing have arrived at the Nucleic Acid Testing Department of Jingxiu District. The inspectors took strict protective measures. The employees of the company came to the hospital at different peaks in time intervals and were separated by one meter and waited in line for sampling. Under the command of the on-site staff, five persons entered the inspection site in batches. , The sampling work is orderly.

"The company needs actively contributes to the prevention and control of the epidemic,and responsible to employees and to society."said Adam, the president of Beyin packing,the employees all feel that the company organized this nucleic acid Testing is  giving everyone a security assurance. In addition, Beyin packing. scientifically deploys epidemic prevention matters in its work. The factory and office are disinfected twice a day. Disinfectants and masks are placed in the office and factory to prepare for the stock of epidemic prevention materials and emergency plans. It is also recommended that employees bring their own lunch. Try not to take public transportation after get off work, and build a "firewall" for epidemic prevention and control in all aspects. 

The great man is the person who take responsibility to society. The current is a critical period for epidemic prevention and control, which is a test for all companies. It is hoped that all companies can actively fulfill their social responsibilities and provide strong support for epidemic prevention. We believe that we will surely be able to win this epidemic!

Post time: Jan-15-2021