How to choose custom coffee bags wholesale in China

How to choose custom coffee bags wholesale in China

Customized coffee packaging can help coffee retailers to build brand identity, build a good impression, enhance visual appeal, add uniqueness, brand promotion, and build emotional connections with customer, so more and more coffee retailers choose to customize their own logo and design coffee packaging. When choosing a manufacturer to customize coffee packaging, many people think that the easiest way is to choose a local wholesaler, but after understanding, more people are willing to choose a Chinese manufacturer to customize their  coffee packaging.

Why do more people choose Chinese suppliers to customize coffee packaging??

1. Export  of Chinese packaging

The latest 2020 packing bags trade data released by OEC shows that the country with the largest export volume of packing bags is China, with a market share of 26.5%. Obviously, people are more likely to choose Chinese suppliers to produce their packaging bags.

Exporters of packaging bags 2020

2. Flexibility and variety

Due to a complete and mature supply chain and cheap prices, Chinese suppliers can provide more choices, whether you are looking for unprinted coffee bags, small batches of  custom coffee bags, or large batches of customized coffee bags , Chinese suppliers can provide you with the perfect solution, you do not need to ask different packaging manufacturers for different requirement.

3. Quality Assurance

Relying on mature production technology and sophisticated production equipment, Chinese packaging manufacturers can provide you with better quality coffee packaging bags and the price is much cheaper than local purchases.

4. First-class professional service

Due to the huge export volume, Chinese packaging manufacturers often face coffee retailers from all over the world and have various requirements for coffee packaging. After years of contact, China has a more comprehensive and professional understanding of coffee packaging, and can always provide Customers from different countries  with the most suitable packaging products for the market of that country.

5. Cheap price

Relying on a complete and mature supply chain, Chinese suppliers can always provide cheaper and better quality coffee bags.

How to choose the right packaged bags for your coffee?

The bag type of coffee bags

The most coffee bags type including  flat bags, fin seal bags, standup bags, side gusset bags, and flat bottom bags.
Flat bags are more used to pack sample coffee , such as 5g, 10g, 25g, and 50g. Flat bags are the simplest packaging bags with only two display surfaces: the front and the back.

what are flat bags

Fin seal bags are most commonly used for instant coffee, which is heat-sealed in the middle of the back of the package.
The stand up pouches are the packaging bag that can stand on the table. With the gusset bottom, the whole bottom will be opened after filling in the coffee, to support the whole bag to stand on the table, and it is more convenient to display the packaging. The stand up pouches are often used in pack 4oz, 6oz 8oz coffee.

what is stand up pouch

The side gusset bags has four display surfaces, front, back, left and right, which can display more product and brand information.

what is side gusset bag

The flat bottom bags are the most popular coffee bag type. It combines the structure of side gusset bags and stand up pouches. It not only has four display surfaces, front, back, left and right, which can display more product and brand information, and the bottom is a separate flat surface. It can display products on the shelf better than stand-up bags.

what is flat bottom bag

The bag material of coffee packaging

The storage of coffee often needs to be stored in the dark, so aluminum foil bags are the most commonly used coffee packaging materials. In order to protect the integrity of coffee during transportation, coffee packaging bags are often made of multi-layer plastic films, which not only ensures the firmness of coffee packaging bags, but also protects the product from being broken because of stretch, friction,and puncture  during transportation,to guarantee the integrity of the coffee. The multi-layer composite packaging bag can also provide better sealing, which can prevent oxygen, moisture, light, and store coffee for a longer time, ensuring the freshness and aroma of coffee.

Recommendations for coffee bags size

The size of the coffee bags based on the bag type,and bag capacity . The following are the recommended packaging sizes according to different packaging bag types and packaging capacity.

Capacity Bag type Bag size recommendation
100g Stand up pouch 13×21+8cm
250g Stand up pouch 15×23+8cm
500g Side gusset bags 10×34×6cm
1kg Flat bottom bags 14×33×10cm


Tips for Customizing Coffee Bags

Before customizing coffee bags, please confirm the following points:
1. Market research
To launch a new product, market research is essential. Including  the popular packaging bag types in the market, the popular packaging capacity, and the popular packaging features.Doing the market research can help you understanding the market and choosing the most suitable packaging based on your own coffee product.
2. Exquisite design
Although many packaging manufacturers will provide free designs, but packaging manufacturers are more professional with the quality and production of the products themselves. For design, they can often provide some simple designs and auxiliary designs. For exquisite brand design, it is still necessary to find a professional designers do it.
3. Trial bag size
This is a very important . After the packaging wholesale recommends the packaging size for you, you must try to fill in the coffee and confirm if the bag size  suitable for your own coffee. The size recommended by the manufacturer is often based on past experience, but each customer's product is different, and the requirements for the margin of the packaging are different, so be sure to try the product before determining the packaging size.

How to custom coffe bags from China wholesale?

1. According to your own needs, communicate with the packaging manufacturer the required packaging material, size, bag type, and details of the packaging bag, such as zipper, one way valve, etc., as well as the required quantity and price.

2. After confirming the packaging size, the packaging manufacturer will provide a die-line, and the designer can complete the artwork on the die-line.

3. Sending the artwork to the packaging manufacturer, and reconfirm that the artwork is accurate before printing by the packaging manufacturer

4. Packaging manufacturers print, compound, cut and fold into complete packaging bags, and pack them

5. According to the budget and schedule, choose the appropriate transportation method, sea and air and express. Generally, packaging manufacturers will take care of transporting products to your doorstep, so you don’t need to worry too much about transportation issues.

How to choose a Chinese supplier to custom coffee bags?

Choosing a reliable packaging manufacturer that can build  long-term cooperation is the top priority. If you can choose the right packaging manufacturer, you can not only get high-quality and cheap products, and reliable after-sales, but also can get more professional advice for future market expansion. 
1. Factory or trading company

Factories can provide not only more stable products and more professional services, but also the cheapest wholesale prices. Choosing a factory is more credible than choosing atrading company.

2. The time that specilized in the packaging industry

When choosing a factory, you should also consider the establishment time of the factory and the how long the factrory invloved in the packaging market. The longer the factory stay in packaging industry, the more they will know about the product and market, the better you will be able to provide professional services, and the quality control will be more detailed.

3. Factory staff, professional equipment

A qualified factory needs to be equipped with professional technicians and professional equipment. Good equipment often means stable product quality.

4. Quality control

The quality control of the factory has the most direct impact on the quality of the product.Whether the factory has a complete quality control procudure, whether it has formed documents, and whether it is implemented in place has a great impact on the quality of the product.

5. Endorsements from big companies

If the packaging factory can provide some test report that issuedby the famous and reliable 3rd party lab will be more trusted.

The problem you may met when choose custom coffee bags wholesale in China


The salesmen of Beyin Packing are good at English to ensure smooth communication.


Beyin packing can provide free samples for your reference the quality and printing.


Beyin packing  will take care of  transportation, including express, air and sea transportation, not only product transportation, but also customs clearance and product transportation after customs clearance. Customers can receive the goods at home without worrying about any transportation problems.

How to avoid difficulties to choose custom coffee bags wholesale in China

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