The annual factory audit for French customers was completed in March

Beyin packing, specializing in the design and production of plastic bags and paper bags for more than 20 years, our products are exported to the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and other countries and regions, in order to ensure that the production environment and production processes comply with International standards and customer requirements, our company accepts customer audit to ensure product quality. The French customer, who has been cooperating with our company for 5 years, finally completed the annual factory audit again in March this year during the epidemic.

This French customer has been cooperating with our company for 5 years. According to the customer’s requirements, annual quality audit and social responsibility audit are required. Due to the outbreak of the COVID in 2020, the epidemic has severely affected business activities around the world, so in 2020, French customer gave up on-site audit. With the continuous and effective control of the epidemic, coupled with effective management in China, the epidemic has basically not affected China's production and business activities. French customers came to our company for audit again in March 2021 after being quarantined.

On March 29, 2021, French customer came to our company for a three-day on-site factory audit. This factory audit mainly carried out quality audit, including the establishment and implementation of quality control systems and production process control systems, and production Environmental safety and hygiene, etc. After three days of factory audit, the customer praised our company's overall performance and put forward constructive opinions on the improvement of our company's production and quality control.

The company attaches great importance to this factory audit. The company’s chairman Mr. Zhu, office director Ms. Cao, sales manager Ms. Ma and Kazuo government leader Liang Secretary warmly received this guest from afar on behalf of the company, and accompanied the customer smoothly complete the factory audit .

During the factory inspection, the production manager and quality manager introduced the production and quality control process, production process, production materials, production technology and production scope to the customer in detail, allowing customer to intuitively experience plastic bag plate making, blow molding, printing, bag making, etc. The production process, the company's complete production line and large-scale machinery and equipment with good performance have made customers impressed.

The annual factory audit for French customers was completed in March
The annual factory audit for French customers was completed in March

The main person in charge of each department proactively provided various file for the customer's audit, and highly cooperated to help customer completed the audit smoothly.

The whole audit was completed in a harmonious and friendly atmosphere. The opinions put forward by the customer brought substantive instructions for the  improvement of our quality and production control system, and laid a solid foundation of trust for the longer-term cooperation between us. This factory audit will bring surprises to both parties. In the future, our company will take environmental protection as the cornerstone, continuously improve production process control and quality control, expand production scale, open up new production lines, improve production technology, and strive to become a leading brand in the packaging bag industry!

Post time: Apr-06-2021