Several key points to avoid ink discoloration!

“Because the ink has the characteristics of thixotropy, when the temperature of the printing environment is high, the ink will become thinner, making the printing color lighter. Conversely, when the temperature of the printing environment is colder, the ink will thicker, and the ink color of the product will also become darker. Therefore, the flexible package manufacturer should always pay attention to the influence of temperature on the printing ink color.”

In the printing and production of the flexible package manufacturer, once the temperature is low and the machine speed is slow, the ink in the ink fountain will often appear to be transported unsmoothly and the ink supply is abnormal, which causes the ink color of the printed product to become lighter and lighter. This is the main manifestation of poor thixotropy of ink, which seriously interferes with the stability of printing ink quality.

How should the flexible package manufacturer avoid ink discoloration?

Pay attention to often stirring the ink in the ink fountain to keep it continuous and evenly fluid, so as to ensure the stability of the ink quality of the product.

1.When purchasing inks, pay attention to selecting high-grade inks. Because the thixotropy of high-grade inks is relatively stable, it is beneficial to improve the quality of printed inks.
2.The printing workshop should adopt constant temperature and humidity process conditions as far as possible;
3 .The speed of the printing press should not be too fast, and use a constant speed to expand printing;
4.Try to not use the unstable rubber roller;
5.The contact pressure between the rubber roller and the ink string roller cannot be adjusted too tightly;
6 .Do not use the tough rubber roller ;
7.The contact between the rubber roller, the water roller and the printing plate should be appropriate to minimize the friction coefficient in the printing sequence, minimize the interference of frictional heat on the characteristics of the ink, and reduce the interference of the thixotropy of the ink on the printing ink color.

Post time: Oct-12-2021

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