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Data shows that by 2020, the total demand for liquid packaging paperboard will increase by about 560,000 tons, during which the demand for dairy products and juice packaging will account for 94% of the total market, and the size of the market will increase by 220 million US dollars. The expansion of the liquid packaging market has brought huge room for development to the entire packaging market. When it comes to liquid packaging, the public’s first impression is bottled. However, in recent years, liquid flexible packaging has been widely recognized due to its unique advantages.

Liquid flexible packaging has the advantages of strong barrier, imperviousness, strong fragrance retention, easy to carry, not easy to break when falling, and no squeezing or collision when storing. It is currently widely used in dairy product packaging, drink pouches,alcohol pouches, juice pouches, household Nursing solution, seasoning packaging and other industries. So what should we pay attention to when customizing liquid packaging bags?

1. Choose the right material

 Different liquids should choose different materials.

For example, the liquid containing vegetable oil should not use PE film as the inner layer material. Although the PE film has high transparency and good air permeability, its permeability performance is not god enough. After the PE film contacts the vegetable oil, it will penetrate and swell. Therefore, if you use a PE film to contain Vegetable oil liquid will shorten the shelf life of the liquid.

2. The co-extrusion of PE film with more than five layers is safer


PE co-extrusion film is a relatively common material for liquid pouch. The packaging of milk products and sauce and other spices on the market are all PE co-extrusion films. Common PE co-extruded films are divided into three layers and five layers. The barrier properties of five-layer co-extruded films are higher than that of three-layer co-extruded films. Therefore, it is recommended to choose five-layer and above PE co-extruded films for food with higher safety factor. 

3. Use high-viscosity adhesive


The higher the composite strength of the liquid pouch, the stronger the adhesive force, and the less likely to fall off. After the composite material is processed into a bag, it is exposed to harsh environments or affected by moisture , and the composite layer is likely to cause damage. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a high-viscosity adhesive, although this will increase the cost to a certain extent, but the resulting benefits are more objective. In addition, it is necessary to test and analyze the quality of the composite layer after the composite is completed, such as a peel test, to ensure that the composite bag reaches a higher standard.

4. Aluminum foiled film cannot replace pure aluminum layer


Taking into account the characteristics of the liquid, the liquid pouch has a layer of pure aluminum foil to play a light-proof role. However, the plastic film with aluminum foiled has high flatness, strong decoration, and has a certain barrier properties. Therefore, some manufacturers have asked whether they can use aluminum foiled plastic film instead of metal aluminum foil. the answer is negative.Although the plastic film with aluminum foiled also has certain light-proof properties, the foiled aluminum layer is too thin on the plastic film, and only about 1 kg of high-purity aluminum is needed to coat 50,000m2 of plastic film. Its light-proof performance is much lower than that of pure aluminum, it only can block most of UV light not all the UV light. In addition, the aluminum foiled layer on the plastic film is poor in water resistance, and easily falls off when wet, resulting in the delamination of the composite packaging bag. In addition, so for the light-proof layer of liquid pouch,the foiled aluminum plastic film can not replace pure aluminum.

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