Why there is a silver layer on the instant ramen sachet

Do you know what instant ramen is? Have you ever eat instant ramen? Instant ramen is more popular in Asia. It is a kind of fried noodles that can be stored for a long time. When eating, just soak it in hot water then you can eat it. It is a very common and convenient instant food. instant ramen is usually packaged in aluminum foil bags, why is this so?

The silver material inside the instant ramen sachet is aluminum foil. Instant ramen are a kind of food that has a lot of oil and will become stale if it is eroded , therefore, it needs to be stored in a moisture-proof,oxygen-proof and light-proof environment, so the ramen sachet has high requirements on the barrier properties of packaging materials.

Aluminum foil is a recognized high-barrier material, which can effectively block oxygen and moisture. Aluminum foil has strong mechanical properties, high blast resistance, strong puncture resistance and tear resistance, and can better protect instant noodles, which are irregular in shape and have a certain hardness. In addition, aluminum foil has good oil resistance and taste preservation. When used in instant noodles packaging, it can prevent the oil in the instant noodles from entering the packaging bag and maintain the crispy and fragrant taste of the instant noodles. Therefore, all bagged instant noodles will have a layer of aluminum foil . 

Moreover, due to the poor heat sealability of the aluminum foil itself, generally the aluminum foiled layer has to be laminated with the plastic film so that the whole bag can be heat sealed.And to keep food safety,the inner layer of the instant ramen sachet is FDA approved food grade plastic film.

In addition, the instant ramen sachet generally choose the fin seal bag. Compared with other packaging forms, thefin seal bag has no sealing edges on both sides of the bag body, so the pattern on the front of the package is guaranteed to be complete and more beautiful. At the same time, in the layout design, the bag body pattern can be designed as a whole, which can maintain the coherence of the picture. And because the seal is on the back, the two sides of the bag body can bear more pressure, reducing the possibility of package damage.

ramen sachet
ramen sachet

For food, good packaging is not the icing on the cake, it is the help in the snow. After food is processed, it needs a suitable storage environment for long-term storage and sales. Otherwise, the taste will be greatly reduced, or even moldy and deteriorated, which will seriously affect the consumer experience and product reputation. Therefore, it is necessary to select the material, design, bag type, and printing method of the packaging according to the product characteristics to improve the compatibility of the packaging bag and the product.

Post time: Mar-24-2022