Custom Printed Self Sealing Zipper Lock Stand up Bag Dog Cat Pet Food Square Bottom Pouch

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  • Laminated with couple film layers,stable and resistant to friction,puncture and dropping
  • Popular appreance,premium packaging bags
  • BPA-FREE and FDA approved food grade packaging
  • Enough space to display the brand and product information you wanna show
  • Zipper can be added to reseal the packaging bags
  • Can stand up on the shelf stably

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Dog food packaging

How to work out a pet food packaging bags?

First step:Determine the material for the dog food packaging

Generally speaking, the most popular is the three-layer laminated dog food packaging, because high-quality dog food generally contains all the nutrients the dog needs, including protein, fat, water, fiber, omega 3, omega 6. Calcium, phosphorus, etc., most of them use natural materials with their own fragrance, which makes the smeller appetite, and natural fresh materials need to prevent oxidation and keep their freshness in storage, so the packaging bags are required to have higher moisture-proof, oxygen-proof and UV-proof requirements, generally we will add a layer of aluminum foil in the middle of the packaging bag to get better barrier from  oxygen, moisture, ultraviolet rays, etc., have a better partition effect, and to maintain the food in the bag fresh.So the three layers dog food packaging bags are laminated with outside printed layer,AL foiled layer,and food grade inner film layer.

cat grass bag,cat grass packaging bag,cat treat bag
pet food bag,pet snack bag,dog food bag,dog snack bag

The four-layer pet food packaging not only uses aluminum-foiled material to prevent light, oxidation, and moisture, but also adds a layer of kraft paper to create a unique and advanced packaging.

Of course, there are also two-layer pet food bags, which are generally used to store storage-resistant pet snacks and kitty litter.

pet food bag,pet snack bag,puppy  food bag,food packaging bag,beyin packing
pet food bag,pet snack bag,puppy  food bag,food packaging bag,beyin packing

Step two:Decide the dog food packaging style

About the  bag type, many people choose flat bottom gusset bag type, just like the bag shown in the video below, this bag is more beautiful, because the bottom is flat, it can be placed more stably on the display shelf. In addition, since the bottom does not have folds like a stand-up bag, the bag space can be used more. The entire packaging bag will look square and flat on the display shelf.

pet food bag,pet snack bag,dog food bag,dog snack bag

Step Three:Decide the dog food packaging size

The size of the packaging bags should be determined according to the weight of the dog food. High weight will require large-sized bags, such as flat-bottomed  bags, and the thickness of the bag should be correspondingly thicker, while pet snacks with a small weight Use small stand-up pouches and flat pouches. For example, the following 2.5KG dog food bag, the bag type is flat bottom bag, and the size of the bag is 25×40×9cm.

pet food bag,pet snack bag,puppy  food bag,food packaging bag,beyin packing
pet food bag,pet snack bag,puppy  food bag,food packaging bag,beyin packing

Before determmine the bag size,please be sure you have try the actual goods in the bag.You can use a paper or plastic film to make a simple bag to fit in your goods.
Besides, we can also add a zipper to open and close the bag repeatedly, which is easier to store. Some customers also like to add a handle for easy carrying.

Step four:Design the artwork for your dog food packaging

The design of the bag is also diverse, some like matte, which looks more advanced, and some like glossy, which looks more vivid. Some like simple and atmospheric ones, some like lively and playful ones. The company's philosophy and culture can be added to the packaging design, and the dog food of breeds can be directly added with more corresponding dog pictures, which is more targeted. You can also add some icons that mark natural green and organic to show the advantages of the product more intuitively. About the text, it is generally necessary to mark the applicable dog age group, as well as the weight of the product and the nutrient content and ratio, so as to provide consumers with a Accurate eating conditions to avoid the purchasing passion of consumers due to unclear information.

Good dog food is easy for the dog to absorb. You don’t need feed too much each time. It is also necessary to observe whether the dog food meets the dog’s taste. After eating the dog food, whether  the dog’s feces are moderately soft and hard,it’s better to have less amount and odor. if it  gain weight, lose weight, have some skin diseases, whether the hair is shiny and smooth, whether there are pathological hair loss and severing, whether there is growth stagnation, etc. We must adjust the dog's food according to the situation, and let us care for the growth of the dog.

Can pet food bags be recycled?

Pet food bags are composite bags, which are made of multiple layers of plastic film, or kraft paper, or aluminized layer. Although each layer is recyclable(except for the aluminum foiled layer), for example the outer layer of PET and PP belong to No. 1 and No.5 recyclable material, the inner layer of PE is No. 4 recyclable material, or the middle layer of kraft paper is definitely recyclable, but after laminating, it becomes complicated, although there are corresponding sign that No.7 recyclable material, but if you want to be truly recyclable, you need specific equipment and special treatment. However, most cities do not have such equipment, and most pet food bags will be landfilled.So pet food bags actually cannot be recycable.
But in recent years, a company called TerraCycle claimed to be able to recycle pet food packaging bags, and has cooperated with some large pet food companies to recycle pet food packaging bags of designated brands of these cooperative companies.

What are pet food packaging made of?

Pet food bags are generally composed of multiple layers of plastic film, not a single layer of plastic film. Although some pet food packaging bags appear to be paper-based, in order to increase their firmness and protect the outer printing, and insure the food safety,the inner and outer layers are also laminated with a thin plastic film.

Generally,a pet food bag is made by the outside printed layer,inner food grade layer,and if needed,it also can be added paper layer ,or aluminum foiled layer.

Is pet food packaging material safe?

Yes, It is safe.Pet food packaging bags are made of multiple layers of plastic films, and the inner film that can directly contact food is colorless and odorless food-grade plastic film . FDA has made detailed regulations for food-grade films in terms of melting point, density, solubility, and the largest extractable fraction in selected solvents. The PE films used by Beyin packing can meet the standards set by FDA.

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