Printed aluminum foiled bag


Aluminum foiled bags are the packaging bags with a sliver layer , they are laminated with plastic film and aluminum foiled layer,if you need your packaging bags are light-proof,then the aluminum foiled bags are recommended.

Because the aluminum is soft and light,which is a kind of  ideal matel material to be used in the packaging bags,and as it's  lighttight ,so it is used in the packaging bags to make the bag light-proof to block all the light outside,to reduce the temprature in the packaging bags,and extend the shelf life of the product into the packaging bags.

All aluminum pouch are laminated with plastic films,because aluminum cannot be heat sealed and printed,therefore,there must laminted with plastic film to sealing the pouch ,and printing the artwork.


The aluminum foiled pouch is situable for the product which is rich in fat,such as chocolate,chips,coffee,candy,pet food,and nuts and so on.If you need light-proof packaging bags,then choose foiled pouch.

Aluminum foiled bags can be used in stand-up pouches, flat bags, fin-seal bags, flat-bottom bags, all bag types, and can also be used for vacuum packaging. Generally  the vacuum packaging bags for cooked food, are recommended to add the pure aluminum layer avoids the outside light to extend the shelf life of the product, and the product tastes more intense after opening the packaging bag. In addition, the kraft paper packaging can also be laminated with aluminum foiled layer. This aluminized kraft paper bag has a higher insulation function and a classic appearance.
Aluminum foiledbags can be deisgned  with windows, but pure aluminum packaging bags cannot have windows. 


Child resistant foiled pouch
Cannabis foiled mylar bags
Silver juice pouch

The child resistant aluminum pouch has high barrier property,not only blcok the oxygen and moisture outside,but also can be smell-proof,light-proof,and the chil resistant zipper can prevent children entry the product inside the bag.

 This kind of aluminum bag is with one side aluminum foiled and another side is with clear window.With the clear window,the end-user can see the product inside intuitively.Meanwhile the foiled layer can provide light-proof.


If you wanna add aluminum in the spouted pouch,then the pure aluminum is recommmended,as the heat seal is better.And the pure aluminum can block all UV-light out side,keep the juice inside compeletly from the light can keep the fresh of the juice as long as possible.

Aluminum foiled pouch coffee bags
Aluminum foiled pouch  cannabis mylar bags
Aluminum foiled stand up pouch

The coffee bags can be added with valve if needed,which can run our the carbon dioxide released by roasted coffee meanwhile prevent the oxygen into the bag.And the foiled layer can block the UV light outside,and the whole bag looks more classic.

The matte aluminum foiled pouch finish is matte,which can make the whole bag looks classic.And the aluminum foiled layer can provide light-proof and smell-proof,meanwhile you can add child resistant zipper to prevent children entry into the product inside the mylar bags.

The foiled bag is the most popular bag for the tea packaging bags. Longer shelf life for food than non-aluminized vacuum bags.And the stand up pouch is popular bag type for tea packaging.With fancy design,you can get more customers.

shaped aluminum foiled bag
Aluminum linded kraft paper bag
Aluminum foiled flat bottom bags

The alminum foiled pouch can be shaped as what you want,the shaped aluminum bag can be stand up pouch or flat bags,and can be added with zipper which can reseal the bag after the packaging bags are opened,and longer the shelf life of the product inside.

The aluminum can be laminated with paper which make the packaging bags light proof meanwhile looks more classic.The paper is also a kind of eco-friendly material.The material Beyin packing used is FDA approvaled food grade material and BPA-FREE.

The flat bottom bag is the most popular bag type for the pet food,and with foiled layer can help extend the shelf life of the bag.And the pet food packaging bags can be customized design and printing,which means you the bag cna be printed with your logo and design.

Aluminum fin seal bags
pure aluminum pouch
aluminum vacuum bags

If you need your packaging bags totally aviod from light,then pure aluminum pouch is recommended.Pure alumium is a kind of ideal material for packaging bags,it light-weight and soft,can be laminated with food grade film to keep the food inside safe.

The glossy finish foiled pouch looks more attractive.The aluminum pouch must be laminated with plastic film which can be printed with colorful design,and also the inner film which is FDA approved food grade film to keep the food safe and heat seal.

The aluminum vacuum pouch can keep longer shelf life than the clear vacuum pouch,especially for the meat product.And the inner side is the FDA approved food grade film which can keep the food safe.

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