Wholesale side gusset rice paper pouch

Short Description:

  • There’s four sides that can display the brand and product information,
  • Eco-friendly material
  • BPA-FREE and FDA approved food grade ,
  • Fit for coffee,tea,rice,powder,flour and so on


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Side gusset rice paper bag


As the side gusset bag is remodeled with a flat bag, which means that the style is changed while the capacity is guaranteed. Therefore, the advantages of the side gusset bag are as follows:

1. Reduced the occupied space. Fold the two sides of the original flat bag inward to reduce the exposure on both sides, thereby reducing the occupied space of the packaging bag.

2. Increase the packing bag space utilization, when you extend the gusset, the corner and the side can be filled by product too, then highly improve the space utilization of the packing bag;

3. Beautiful packaging. The flat pocket has been revised, and the original oval opening of the bag has been changed to a rectangular shape, which is saturated and full, and close to a rectangular parallelepiped shape.

4. The printing content is much richer than flat bags. You can print various exquisite patterns on the front, both side, back and even bottom. For example: color pictures, name card, company names, company logos, company addresses and telephone numbers, main products, etc., and a hang hole can be punched in the opening of the side gusset bag, so that you can hang it on the shelf to display your product.

Material Laminated:

PET+KRAFT PAPER+PE: Used for normal goods, and glossy surface;

BOPP+KRAFT PAPER+PE: Used for normal goods, and matt surface;

PET+KRAFT PAPER+VMPET+PE: Used for the the goods need avoid lighting.

PET+KRAFT PAPER+AL+PE: Used for the goods need strictly block the lighting.

Production Process:

 1. Printing, 9-color high-speed gravure printing machine, the maximum roll width can reach 1.25 meters. A 9-color gravure printing machine means that there are 9 ink tanks. The ordinary color can be superimposed with four colors of red, yellow, cyan and black. If the color requirements are stricter, or when printing on a large area background color, you need to use spot colors.

 2. Laminating, our company currently has solvent-free laminating machine and solvent laminating machine, normally we use solvent laminating machine first spay the water-soluble glue on the back of printed layer and laminated with other layers.

3. Drying: Then put laminated roll in a constant temperature dryer for drying and curing to make the lamination stronger and eliminate the smell.

4. Inspection:Use computer to inspect the laminated roll,and use black label mark the unqualified point,and picked up the completed piece which with black label.

5. Cutting: Cut the laminated roll into needed width,

6. Bag making: fold and seal the bag into side gusset bag.


The side gusset paper bag is suitable for various kinds of nuts, snacks, tea, fish food ,pet food etc, and it’s also a popular choice for coffee, it’s also a good choice for the large volume products.

Storage of the rice paper bag:

Due to the particularity of the material, packaging bags also have certain requirements for storage, especially paper packaging bags. Compared with plastic food packaging bags, paper packaging bag quality is affected by the outside world, especially for storage. There are many issues to be aware of.

First of all, fire is the most dangerous factor for paper packaging bag, almost all manufacturers will pay enough attention to this. Pay attention to fire prevention in the warehouse. Do not have flammable and explosive materials around. In addition, the personnel who take care of the warehouse must check at any time. And you can’t smoke, make every kind of fire prevention preparations, and qualified companies can install some fire-fighting facilities, so that the risk can be reduced. In addition, food packaging bags should be protected from moisture. Plastic packaging bags are not afraid of water, and they will not change in quality even if they are soaked in a watery environment. At most, the color will fall off, but it will not affect its tightness. But the paper packaging bag will becomes very soft in an environment with water. It will be damaged if it encounters a small force, and the water will permeate through it. The amount of water will also affect a large number of products, so almost every food packaging bag manufacturer will build the warehouse in a sealed place, to prevent water and moisture.

People likes to use side gusset paper bag to load the powder, like flour, flavour etc,some may need to avoid light ,then we will add a aluminized layer toblock the moisture, UV light and oxgen.

This one is a cake packaging bag, you can see the paper bag will make the packaging more fancy,and the golden stamp can highlight the brand and catch the customer’s eye.

This is a dried food packging bag,with a durable and hang proof handle can help customer take it out easily,and the clear window can show what’s exactly inside.

The nut side gusset paper packaging bag is popular, and with hang hole can help hang in the shelf, and better for display.

The side gusset paper bag is a good choice for coffee,as it can load large volume ,and normally add a valve inside the bag to help to exhaust the carbon dioxide reeleased by coffee beans.

This bag is with clear window,which can show the goods inside directly,then the customer can pick it out easily.

The white paper bag is more beautiful and clean.

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