Customized Printing Resealable Zipper Dry Fruit Packaging Bag

Short Description:

  • Stand up pouch can stand up on the shelf by itself,better to display
  • Folied layer can block UV light,oxygen and moisture outside,and keep the freshness as long as possible
  • Zipper can be added on the pouch to reseal the packaging bags
  • Tear notch is needed to let customer open the packaging bags easily
  • Clear window can be designed to let end-customer see what’s inside the packaging bags directly,increase the sale.
  • BPA-FREE and FDA approved food grade material

Product Detail

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dry fruit packing pouches

Wholesale stand up dried fruits bag

Product Specification

Item High quality resealable dry fruit packing pouches
Size customized
Material Matt or glossy surface with foil lined or customized
Thickness 100-150 microns/side or customized
Feature Zip lock, foil lined, high barrier
Surface Handling Gravure printing /Digital Printing
MOQ Based on bag size

About dry fruits packing bags

Dried fruits are often eaten as a snack or as an auxiliary material for making tea. Generally speaking, the dry fruits pacakging bags capacity will not too much, tens of grams or 100 to 200 grams is enough. Therefore, the dry fruits packing bags are always stand up bags or flat bags. For more premium packaging, flat-bottom bags are recommended. For simpler packaging, clear back sealed side gusset bags can be used with a label.As a dry fruit packing pouch manufacturer,Beyin packing can provide professional advise in designing and producing your dried fruits bags.


When dried fruits are used as snacks, the design of the packaging must be exquisite and interesting, which can capture the attention of consumers the fastest. The most popular type of bag is the stand up bags. This kind of bags can stand on the shelf by itself, which is more beautiful. It can be opened repeatedly by adding a zipper. In addition, tear notch is also essential,with this, it can be convenient for consumers to open the bag and consume the products inside.You can custom the glossy surface or matt surface.You can also add UV printing for the logo to highlight the brand. 

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Wholesale stand up dried fruits bag
Wholesale stand up dried fruits bag

If you plan to hang on the shelf to display, then we would recommend flat bags, which can save more space occupied by the packaging bag, a hook can hang more products, this kind of dry fruit packaging bags need to add  hanging holes.You can add circle hole,or Euro hole,all available for us.And you also can put them into a display box to show on the shelf.

Wholesale stand up dried fruits bag
Wholesale stand up dried fruits bag
Wholesale stand up dried fruits bag

If you need a more exquisite pouches for dry fruits, then we will recommend a flat bottom bag to you. The bottom of this bag is flat and can stand firmly on the shelf. The unique mechanism makes the entire packaging bag look very high-grade. Of course, the price of this kind of bag will be relatively higher because of the complicated process.

Wholesale stand up dried fruits bag
Wholesale stand up dried fruits bag

The dry fruits packing bags are usually laminated by three layers, the printed outer layer, the middle Al foiled layer, and the food-grade inner film. The Al foil layer can better block oxygen, moisture and UV light. Prevent  oxidation, maintain product freshness, and extend storage time.

Wholesale stand up dried fruits bag

If  you just need simple and economical dry fruit packing pouches, we will recommend you a two-layer side gusset back sealed bag, which consists of a printed outer layer of plastic film and an food grade inner layer plastic film, you can add your own printing, this kind of transparent bag can intuitively let consumers see what products are inside, thereby increasing the purchase. Printing will be relatively simple, you can add your logo and some necessary product information. Beyin packing can provide free packaging design.

Wholesale stand up dried fruits bag
Wholesale stand up dried fruits bag
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China plastic dates bag supplier

For the size of dry fruit packing pouches, our company recommends that you must use the product to try it in before deciding. Even if we can recommend the size for you according to the weight you want to pack in, you must use the product to try it in and make sure the size is ok for you. You can make a simple bag according to the bag type and try.

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