Custom stand up pouches

stand up pouches wholesale China

The colorful plain stand up pouches are without printing,and situable for various of food packaging.

Aluminum stand up pouches are sutiable for food storage,with oxygen absorber and labels,can extend the shelf life of the food.

Kraft stand up poues

As the kraft paper can be biodegraded in short time,makes the kraft plain stand up pouches are eco-friendly

The stand up pouches with spout are situable for liquid packaging,such as beer,juice,wine,and various of liquid.

Stand  up pouch with zipper can help reseal the opening so that even after opening the bag,it can be closed again and extend the shelf life

Stand  up pouch with clear window can help end-customer see what's in the bag directly,increase the sale

See through stand up pouch is the simplest stand up pouch ,and situable for the product that don't need light-proof

With aluminum foil can block most even all of the UV light outside so that get light-proof of the bag and longer the shelf life of the product

The child resistant zipper is a kind of special zipper which only can be opened in the special way,so that can prevent children get the product inside the bag

Beyin packing also can provide shaped stand up pouch,you can made your bag any shape you wanna it to be

Kraft paper bag is a kind of eco-friendly bag type,but it still laminated with plastic layer to protect the bag and get high quality printing,and keep the food safe

The kraft paper bag can be designed with varioud of clear window,including the square clear window,or shaped window

Holographic stand up pouch is a kind of special bag which looks glitter more attactive

With special soft touch material make the whole bag very soft and good feeling

If you wanna high light your logo,the golden stamp is a good choice whicn made your logo to be golden and shinning

Wire drawing stand up pouch is a kind of special material stand up pouch,the bag looks like mades by  millions of wires.Very special

Custom stand up pouch material

stand up pouch material

Stand up pouches made up material?

The stand up pouch is not composed of one layer of plastic film, but is composed of mutilayers films, each of which has a specific function. The outermost film can be printed with exquisite patterns, which can highly restore the artwork, and the outermost film also needs to be with high mechanical properties, so that it can resist external stretching, friction and puncture during transportation.

Because the innermost film is in direct contact with food, it must be a food-grade film to ensure food safety, and it needs to have good barrier properties to isolate external moisture, oxygen, and bacteria, thereby extending the product shelf life.

In addition, if your product needs to be stored in the dark, we also recommend adding a layer of aluminum foiled film, which can block most or all of the UV light outside, thereby avoiding light-oxidation, maintaining the freshness of the product, and helping to reduce the temperature in the packaging bag and extend the shelf life of products.

If you want kraft paper bags, you can also add kraft paper layer, so that the whole package will look more eco-friendly and more classic.

In addition, the stand up pouch can also be made into more fancy packaging, such as the use of holographic film, which can make the whole stand up pouch looks glittery, or use a touch-sensitive film to make the whole packaging bag feel particularly soft.

Custom stand up pouch solution

Beyin packing can provide custom packaging bags solution for free,we will recommend  the material used based on the your product  character and the pouch size based on the packed product and required bag capacity,and we also will advise the user-friendly design on the pouch,and based on the quantity you need to recommend the printing methods,which can solve the MOQ problem.

We also can provide free design if you need,or we can provide diie-line for you to design your artwork on.

The feature of stand up pouches

Stand up pouch are usually equipped with zippers, so that even if the package has been opened, it can be sealed again and again to extend the shelf life of the product.

A transparent window can be added to the stand up pouch, so that the end user can see at a glance what product is in the package when choosing a product, thereby increasing the purchase rate.

A humanized design such as tear notch can also be added to the stand up pouch to help users open the packaging bag more easily.

Some stand up pouches are added with hanging holes so that the product can be hung on the shelf for display.



BPA-FREE and FDA approved food grade



Provide Free Custom Packaging Solution



20+ years experience,cheap price and Low MOQ



Take care of door to door transportation



Biodegradable and 100% recyeable material are available

All about Stand up pouches

Can I custom stand up pouches?

Of course, Beyin Packing mainly undertakes the design and producing various custom printed packaging bags,the size and printing both can be customized.

How to charge for stand up pouch design?

Beyin Packing can provide free stand up pouch design

Is the stand up pouch recyclable?

Since the stand up pouch is composed of multiple layers of film, it cannot be directly recycled. Remember, all packaging bags composed of multiple layers of different films cannot be directly recycled. However, Beyin Packing can produce 100% recyclable stand up pouch made of PE/PE , which can be directly recycled according to NO.4 LDPE.

Can stand up pouch be made degradable?

Beyin Packaging can use special materials to make stand up pouches into degradable.Firstly, the special material we used causes changes to both the molecular and chemical nature of the polymer molecules through a process of oxidation, to produce hydrophilic oxidised carbonaceous material which secondly will biodegrade harmlessly into the environment

Is the kraft paper stand up pouch biodegradable?

Since the kraft paper stand-up pouch is also laminated with kraft paper and plastic film, so as to ensure the exquisite printing and protect the bag from being damaged during transportation and ensure high barrier performance, the kraft paper stand up pouch is not degradable unless it is used Beyin’s special biodegradable plastic film, in this way the kraft paper stand up pouch can be degraded.

Are you a factory or trading company?

We are bags factories, manufacturing all kinds of stand up pouches

Can I get samples first of my own design, and then start the order?

Yes, of course. Making samples fee will be needed and shipping fee as well.

What printing technology do you all use,

Beyin Packing has digital printing and rotogravure printing. Digital printing does not require MOQ, but the price varies according to the quantity. Rotogravure printing requires MOQ and requires a separate cylinder charge, but the price is cheaper and the printing quality is Stablize.

What is the cylinder charge? Why is this fee charged?

When using rotogravure printing, we must use a plate roller to print the artwork on the plastic film. Therefore, it is necessary to layer the design draft into each color, and then engrave the pattern of the same color on the cylindrical steel rod. This is the cylinder. The materials and production of this cylinder need to be paid separately.

Should we need to pay the cylinder charge again when we reorder next time?

No, it's just one time fee if size do not change and it will be used for a long time.

What is your MOQ?

As mentioned above, our digital printing does not have MOQ requirements, while rotogravure printing has MOQ requirements. The MOQ is related to the bag type and bag size.

What products can your stand up pouch be applied to?

The stand up pouches produced by Beyin packing can be used in various food packaging such as coffee, tea, chips,candy,beef jerky, popcorn, nuts, dried fruit, pet food, powder, protein powder, flour, rice, etc.; it can also be used in daily necessities, such as clothes, medical equipment, and facial masks. Cosmetics, etc.

How to measure stand up pouch

The size of the stand up pouch includes the width, height and depth of the gusset. The following pictures show how to measure the stand-up pouch intuitively. Of course, don’t forget the position of the zipper of the bag, the position of the tear notch, and the size of the sealing edge.

How to measure the zipper bag

How to transport the stand-up pouch?

Beyin packing can take care of the transportation . We will choose express, air or sea transportation according to the weight of the products. You only need to wait for the delivery at home and do not need to do any work.

How to design a stand-up pouch?

After determining the product to be packaged and the packaging capacity, Beyin Packing will advise you on the size of the stand up pouch. After you actually try the size and determine the size of the packaging bag, Beyin Packing will provide you with a die-line for free. Just make the artwork on the die-line. Remember to set aside the sealing edge and the position of the zipper.

Custom Stand up pouch Application

coffee bags stand up pouch from Beyin packing

Stand up pouch is a ideal bag configuration option for the medium coffee capacity,such as 100g,250g and 500g.The bag size is from 13×21+8cm to 18×29+10cm based on the bag capacity.And for the roasted coffee beans,we recommend to add a one-way valve to let go the carbon dioxide released by the roasted coffee beans.


The tea bags is normally use the stand up pouch ,and popular capacity is 50g,80g,100g,250g,etc.We recommend to add a layer of aluminum foiled to block the outside UV light ,so that reduce the temperature in the packaging bag to avoid photo-oxidation and extend the storage time

custom potato chip bags

custom chip bags are made of multiple layers of plastic film, so that the entire packaging has strong mechanical strength, resistance to stretching, friction, and puncture, and can better protect the products in the packaging bag. And the outer composite plastic film can be beautifully printed, which is impossible with paper, and the inner film is FDA approved food grade film, which can ensure the safety of food, and the inner film has good performance at sealing and can help to seal the bag.


For the protein powder,Baobab powder,Milk Powder,the stand up pouch is the first option.The popular bag capacity including the 100g,200g,250g and so on.A resealable zipper is needed for the powder stand up pouch,as the end-user can re-close the bag again and again after tearing the bags,and extend the shelf life of the powder.

From the perspective of environmental protection, more and more people tend to use flexible packaging to pack drinks, because reusable spout bags greatly reduce the use of plastic compared to plastic bottles. And the flexible package is convenient to carry, does not take up space, and can be made into various shapes to increase interest