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Who We Are

Kazuo Beyin Paper and Plastic Packing Co., Ltd. whose predecessor is Xiongxian Juren Paper and Plastic Packing Co., Ltd, a poly bags and paper bag manufacturer in north China,was established in 1998 at the very beginning. We did not have own production line at that time, can only do some trading. As time goes on, we found it’s very hard to guarantee the quality and production time if we don’t have our own factory. Then we decided to build our own lines. We tried and failed for many times, we met many problems,When we print, the colors are always can’t be the right one we want;When we laminate, the materials are always wrinkled;When we cut, the bags are always skew,But we never gave up and finally succeeded afetr thousands of trials. Finally we can give out perfect bags for our customers.

After more than 20 years development, now Beyin packing have been developed to a productive enterprise which is specialized in developing and producing flexible packaging bags. Production capacity can reach to 60 million RMB each year; 7 workshops have been built with 50 sets industry-leading devices installed. Like: 9 color printing machinery, high-speed laminated machinery and Film covering machinery, dividing and cutting machinery, the oven machinery and other bag making machines.Thanks for these advance production lines,we could meet clients different material,design and printing requirement.

There are over 100 staff work in Beyin packing, 50 of them are  professional technicians qualified with printing practice certification, 10 senior technicians already take up packaging industry for 10years. Rich experienced workers fully satisfy all the customers' demands.

Besides, there are more than 30 excellent sales in Beyin Packing, who will help customers to solve their problems. Customer’s  satisfaction is our pursuit.We will help on custom packaging services,production and shipping, etc.


We promise we will reply within 30mins daytime, and within 8 hours during night time. We are willing to help solve problems,no matter you will order or not finally. Over 20 years, there are seldom customers complain about us, and we can promise you will never regret choosing us.

Kazuo Beyin Paper and Plastic Packing Co., Ltd.

Our company is committed to the research of biodegradable bags

Beyin packing now is already a mature and stable enterprises, we never forget how we can grow up so fast because of the support from our society and customers. We will try our best to give back to the community.

We devoted ourself into the research about biodegradable bags, hoping to reduce the plastic waste on the earth. We tried for many years, and finally we found a masterbatch from the UK company Welles that can be added into raw material like PE, BOPP, PET,etc, to make laminated bags be biodegradable. We help to let more people know and use this material instead of common plastic excluding costs, because we hope we can keep and recall the beauty of our environment.

Public Welfare

Besides that, We are keen on public welfare. We went to geracomium for many times, where lives many lonely old man. We believe that, a good socity should let the old have someone to depend on, and we are willing to contribute our part.

Beyin packing is a qualified, responsible and great-hearted company. We focus on sustainable development, mind customers’ satisfactions, and take care of employees’  happiness. 


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