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pet treat bags

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pet treat bags

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Bag type of pet food packaging pouch

Stand up pouch, quad bag, flat bottom bag are popular bag type for pet food, but different packaging capacities are suitable for different bag types. For example, general pet snacks prefer to use stand up pouches, which are simple in structure and have a gusset bottom to support whole bag stand up on the bag firmly, and is most suitable for small-capacity pet snack packaging,just like dog cookie packaging,dog biscuit packaging.
For pet food from 1KG to 5KG , we recommend using flat bottom bags. The bottom of this package is flat, which can firmly support the bag on the shelf. In addition to the flat bottom, flat bottom bags also have four displays: front, back, left, and right. to display brand and product information. The square structure of Flat bottom bags looks particularly beautiful and is very popular in the pet food market. It is a kind of premium packaging bags.
But for big bag for pet food ,just like more than  10KG, we recommend using quad bags, because for pet food packages larger than 10KG, more packaging space is required, and the packaging bag will be longer. If you use flat bottom bags, not only not beautiful, but also because The packaging is too high and the center of gravity shifts upward, making the entire packaging look uncoordinated. So quad packaging is more suitable for pet food packaging larger than 10KG. This packaging structure has only the front, back and two sides. The bottom is pre-sealed. The packaging looks closer to a cuboid, which is more stable and beautiful.

stand up pouch

stand up pouch

side gusset bags

Quad bag

Flat bottom bags

Flat bottom bag

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In order to obtain stronger bag,pet food  packaging bags are generally made of multiple layers of plastic film. The outermost plastic film has strong mechanical properties, stretch resistance, friction resistance, and puncture resistance, which can protect the entire package from external damage. And the outermost plastic film can also be printed with exquisite patterns. The innermost plastic film must be a food-grade plastic film that can be in direct contact with food, and has good protective properties to isolate external oxygen, moisture and bacteria. For the middle layer, we recommend using a light-proof aluminum foiled layer to extend the freshness of the product. For cat food and dog food higher than 5KG, we recommend adding another layer of PA material to make the bag firmer.

Feature of Pet food bags


For pet snacks, we will recommend to add a zipper on the pouch so that even after opening the packaging bags, the end-user still can close it repeatly, and extend the shelf life of the pet snack.
 For the flat bottom bags,the easy tear zipper is a ideal option,because this zipper is only stick on one side of the bag,so that the openning is much bigger than normal zipper,and easier to fill in the pet food.And it Combining tear notch and zipper in one, it is not only convenient to open the packaging bag, but also can be repeatedly sealed to extend the shelf life.
 For the quad bag,the zipper is added on the top of the bag, you can fill in the pet food and seal the bottom,then user can open the bag from the top zipper and then cut off the ziper and pick up the pet food .

Tear notch:

We recommend will cut a tear notch on the sids of the bag to help end-user open the bag easily.


If you wanna more than 10KG pet food bag,youcan adda handle on the bag to help customer take away the product.

Hang hole:

Hang hole can help hang the product on the shelf to display.

Clear window:

You can design a clear area on the pet food bag so that the customer can see through the bag and know what’s you sell directly.

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easy tear zipper

stand up pouch

top zipper

Top zipper

tear notch

Tear notch


Are you a manufacturer or trader?

Beyin packing is a pet food pouch manufacturer,we have specialized in design and producing custom packaging bags for more than 20 years.

Can you produce big cat food bags?

Yes,the biggest pet food bag we have produced is 20KG.

Can you printing with my logo and design?

Yes,Beyin packing is a custom packaging bags manufacturer in China,we can print the bags with your logo and design.

Can you printing with my logo and design on the pet treat bags?

Yes,Beyin packing is a custom packaging bags manufacturer in China,we can print the pet treat bags with your logo and design.

Does your pet treat bags are recyclable?

Beyin packing can produce 100% recycable pet treat bags with our special recycable material,if you need,just contact us.

What kind of bag type situable for dog cookie packaging/dog biscuit packaging?

Stand up pouch is the bag type we recommend for dog cookie and dog biscuit,this is the most popular bag type on the market,simple configuration but better display.

What are the printing methods for pet food bags?

Beyin Packing can provide digital printing and rotogravure printing. No matter which printing method, it can be made into  matte or glossy finish, and if you need to highlight LOGO or other important product information, Beyin Packing can also provide UV printing and golden stamping process to make some important information more conspicuous.

What is the MOQ of pet food bags?

There is no MOQ requirement for the digital printing provided by Beyin packing, but we recommend quantity more than 2,000 pcs,because it is the most cost-effective. The rotogravure printing provided by Beyin packing can print pet food bags in large quantities. Although there is a MOQ requirement, the unit price is lower. MOQ will vary according to the size of the pet food bag.

How to transport pet food bags?

After the pet food bags are produced, we will use carton to pack the bags, and stick sample bags on the outside of the carton to distinguish the products. After that, the carton will be protected again with stretch film. We usually use DHL and FEDEX for transportation. If the product volume is large, we recommend air and sea transportation. Beyin Packing can take care of the transportation, so you just need to stay at home and waiting for receiving your own pet food bags.

What do I need to do to custom my pet food bags?

If you want to custom pet food bags, just tell us how many kg you wanna pack in one bag,that's all,we will recommend the bag type,bag material,bag size and some tips on designing the artwork.So easy.

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