• Custom printed flat paper bag

    Custom printed flat paper bag

    Flat bag, also named three side seal bag, because it sealed the three sides,and only leaving only one opening for users to put in the products. The flat bag is the most common and simplest bag type. The air tightness of the flat packaging bag is the best, and it is the only type that can be used as vacuum bag.
  • OEM stand up zip lock paper bag with window

    OEM stand up zip lock paper bag with window

    It is a flexible packaging bag with a horizontal support structure at the bottom, can stand up on the shelf without any support, whether the bag is opened or not. The bottom has a fold back and two sealing edges, one on the left and one on the right, and it can stand on by itself after the bottom is stretched.
    Stand-up pouch is one of the most popular packaging forms, with excellent shelf display. In addition, in order to meet individual consumer needs, stand up bags can also add individual design elements, such as handles, curved outlines, resealable zippers, etc., thereby greatly enhancing consumers' desire to buy.
  • China flat bottom paper bag supplier

    China flat bottom paper bag supplier

    Kraft paper is made of kraft pulp, usually is light brown, cream or white color. It is flexible and strong, has high burst resistance, can withstand greater tension and pressure, is a good material for packaging. In addition, because kraft paper is eco-friendly and recyclable, and beautiful, it is now more and more popular and promoted.
  • Wholesale side gusset rice paper bag

    Wholesale side gusset rice paper bag

    Side gusset bag is a kind of flexible packing bag that fold the two sides of the ordinary flat bag into the inner surface of the bag, and make original oval opening becomes rectangular opening, and because after folding, the sides of the bag are like tuyere leaves, but they are closed. , So the bag is named the organ bag, and also because it’s like a pillow when fill in the product, so some people call it pillow bag.