Custom die-cut mylar bags special shape packaging bags

Short Description:

  • Custom design:The bags can be printed with your logo and design
  • Custom shape:The bags shape can be customized
  • Custom size:Size can be customized based on the product you wanna pack
  • Custom material:Food grade material,and BPA-FREE
  • High barrier property:Against with oxygen,moistuer,light,and puncture,friction,srtengh in the transportation
  • feature option:you can choose if add zipper,tear notch,clear window on the bags
  • Professional advise:our sale team can recommend the bag size and material
  • Easy to heat seal:with heat sealer,the bags can be heat sealed very easy

Product Detail

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  1. Custom Design:

    • The custom design feature allows you to personalize the Mylar bags with your logo and specific artwork or design. This branding element enhances brand recognition and creates a unique and professional appearance for your packaging.
  2. Custom Shape:

    • The bags can be die-cut into custom shapes, providing flexibility in design. This customization option allows you to create packaging that perfectly complements the shape of your product, adding to the overall visual appeal.
  3. Custom Size:

    • Tailoring the size of the Mylar bags to fit your specific product ensures efficient and effective packaging. Custom sizing minimizes excess space, reducing the risk of product movement during transportation and optimizing storage.
  4. Custom Material:

    • The use of food-grade and BPA-free materials ensures the safety of the packaged products. This feature is particularly important for food and consumable items, meeting regulatory standards and providing a reliable barrier against external contaminants.
  5. High Barrier Property:

    •  The high barrier property of the Mylar bags offers protection against oxygen, moisture, light, as well as physical threats like punctures, friction, and strength challenges during transportation. This ensures the integrity and freshness of the packaged products.
  6. Feature Options:

    • You have the option to include additional features such as a zipper for resealability, a tear notch for easy opening, or a clear window for product visibility. These options enhance functionality and convenience for both you and the end consumer.
  7. Professional Advice:

    •  The sales team provides professional advice on choosing the appropriate bag size and material for your specific product. Their expertise helps you make informed decisions, ensuring that the packaging meets both functional and aesthetic requirements.
  8. Easy to Heat Seal:

    • The Mylar bags are designed to be easily heat-sealed using a heat sealer. This feature simplifies the packaging process, providing a secure seal that helps preserve the freshness of the contents and prevents contamination.

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