Custom Printed Coffee Bean Bags with Valve manufacturer

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  • There’s four panels can display the beand and product information
  • Folied layer can block UV light,oxygen and moisture outside,and keep the freshness as long as possible
  • Zipper can be added on the pouch to reseal the packaging bags
  • Tear notch is needed to let customer open the packaging bags easily
  • Clear window can be designed to let end-customer see what’s inside the packaging bags directly,increase the sale.
  • BPA-FREE and FDA approved food grade material

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Custom roasted coffee beans packaging

There's no aroma on the original green coffee beans,and these green coffee beans also cannot be brewed  into coffee that you can drink,the green coffee bean have to be roasted,then there's aroma developed,color turn to be brown and black that you always see the coffee color.

When roasting the coffee beans, and carbon dioxide will be generated during and after roasting. This is a normal phenomenon and does not mean that your coffee beans are bad. The production of carbon dioxide is still a way to judge the quality of coffee beans.But if you directly use the freshly roasted roasted coffee beans with a large amount of carbon dioxide to brew coffee directly, the carbon dioxide will destroy the fusion of water and coffee grounds, and lose the aroma of the coffee, and you cannot enjoy the delicious coffee, so before brewing coffee, make sure that the roasted coffee beans have emitted most of the carbon dioxide. 

But it does not mean that you can keep roasted coffee beans out in the air to release carbon dioxide, because oxygen, humidity and light in the air will accelerate the qualitative change of roasted coffee beans, resulting in the roasted coffee beans will become soft and lose their aroma or even deteriorate in a very short time. Therefore, the roasted coffee beans should be put in the packaging in time to prevent the coffee beans from being contaminated by external oxygen, moisture and light. This kind of packaging bag must have good barrier properties.Now you will ask how to release the roasted coffee beans if you pack the roasted coffee beans in the packaging bags,don’t worry ,we usually install a one-way valve on the packaging bag. This valve can help the carbon dioxide generated by roasting coffee beans in the bag to be discharged out of the bag, so that the bag will not explode, and at the same time prevent outside oxygen from entering the packaging bag.

Roasted coffee beans packaging types

The roasted coffee beans tend to packed in stand up pouch,side gusset bags , flat bags and flat bottom bags

Stand up pouches

There's a bottom gusset on the stand up pouches,which makes the packaging bag can stand on the shelf by itself,better to display.And it used to pack small quantities of roasted coffee beans,like  1pound,2 pounds and so on.

roasted coffee beans stand up pouches
roasted coffee beans stand up pouches

Side gusset pouches

Side gusset bags is also a popular packaging bags type in the roasted coffee beans packaging.there's four sides that you can printed more information on the packaging bags,and it's looks square,and neat.

side gusset roasted coffee beans packaging
side gusset roasted coffee beans packaging

Flat bags

Flat bags is the simplest pouch,and is always used to pack sample and small quantities of roasted coffee beans

flat bags of roasted coffee beans packaging
flat bags of roasted coffee beans packaging

Flat bottom bags

Flat bottom bags is a kind of premium packaging,its bottom is flat ,can stand on the shelf stably,and there's maxium 10 sides and enough space for you to printed on more information about your product and brand.

flat bottm bags roasted coffee beans packaging
flat bottm bags roasted coffee beans packaging

The material of roasted coffee beans packaging

As the roasted coffee bags packing need high barrier property to block light,oxygen,moisture,so the roasted coffee bags always packed in 3 layers of packaging bags,which is PET/AL FOILED /PE,or OPP/AL FOILED /PE,OR PET/AL FOILED/CPP,OPP/AL FOILED CPP.

The outside layer of roasted coffee bags tends to be PET or BOPP,which has high resistance with the tensil,friction,and dropping,and we usually printed your artwork on the outside layer.You can requir glossy surface and matte surface.

The middle layer is aluminum foiled layer,it is silver color,and have better barrier property of blocking the light,oxygen,and moisture.

The inner layer can be PE layer or CPP layer,both are FDA approved food grade plastic film,which can gurrate the food safety.

Some customer would like to use the paper bag,then we will add a paper layer in the packaging bags,make the bags look more classic.

The feature of roasted coffee beans packaging

  • The one-way valve,most of roasted coffee beans packaging use the one-way valve to help degrassing the carbon dioxide released by roasted coffee beans,at same time will not let the outside oxygen in.
  • Zipper. With a resealable zipper,after you open the packaging bags,you can still close it with the zipper,which can longer the shelf life of the roasted coffee beans.
  • Tear notch.Tear notch is needed to make it easy to access the product.
  • Golden stamp,if you wanna stress your logo on the packaging bag,we will use golden stamp to make your logo more shine than other area.

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