Why there's a hole on the coffee bags?The coffee bag valve purpose

Have you ever noticed that almost all coffee packaging bags now have a round, hard , small hole?What this hole on the coffee bags for?

This hole is the coffee bags we called one-way valve,The one-way valve,simply say, is that only let air out but not in.Coffee bags are used as packaging bags for coffee beans and coffee grounds. Among many products, customers not only pay attention to the brand awareness of coffee itself, but the packaging design of coffee bags is also a very important factor that affects their purchase. More importantly, how can customers buy high-quality coffee without opening the package? Very simple, that is to see if there is a one-way valve installed on the coffee bag!

The coffee bag valve purpose
The coffee bag valve purpose

The roasted coffee beans need to be sealed and packaged in aluminum foil bags as soon as possible, which can prevent the coffee beans from contacting with light and air, resulting in the rapid release of aroma and oxidation. However, the coffee beans will continue to release carbon dioxide after roasting for a period of time. In order to prevent the coffee packaging from bursting and being isolated from sunlight and oxygen, it is necessary to install a valve on the coffee packaging bag that can release carbon dioxide out of the bag, and at the same time comes into being as the device does not intrude the outside air into the packaging bag.

The structure of the one-way valve is like this

The coffee bag valve purpose

The one-way valve is hot-pressed and installed on the coffee bag by a pneumatic valve press, and at the same time, a hole is made on the surface of the bag where the one-way valve is installed, so that When carbon dioxide released from the roasted coffee beans reach to a certain level, the coffee bag is automatically discharged out of the bag.
In addition, the one-way valve with a filter screen can filter the grounds in the packaging bag, in addition to discharging the gas in the coffee bag and isolating the outside air from entering the bag, it can also isolate the influence of the grounds on the valve and prevent the grounds from squirting the bag causes contamination.
It not only effectively ensures that the quality and flavor of the coffee beans or coffee grounds remain unchanged, but also does not cause the coffee bag to expand or burst due to the accumulation of carbon dioxide, so as to prevent the oxidative deterioration of the coffee beans or coffee grounds.

The function of Premium Coffee Bag Valve:

1. The carbon dioxide released by the roasted coffee beans is automatically discharged outof the coffee bag.
2. Prevent the accumulation of carbon dioxide from causing the bag to expand and burst.
3. Block the outside air from entering the coffee bag.
4. Prevent the coffee in the coffee bag from being oxidized and deteriorated.
5. Ensure that the quality and flavor of coffee beans remain unchanged.

In addition, the air valve is installed on the coffee bag, and the customer can directly squeeze the bag when purchasing, and the aroma of the coffee can be directly transmitted from the bag to allow the customer to smell its aroma, so that the customer can better confirm the freshness (quality) of the coffee.But frequently squeezing the bag and smelling the coffee will affect the flavor of the coffee. Because the gas in the coffee bag can also maintain the freshness of the coffee beans, when the gas in the coffee bag is saturated, it will inhibit the coffee beans from continuing to emit gas, so that the entire exhaust process will be slower, which is also conducive to prolonging the tasting period.
After artificially squeezing out the gas inside, due to the difference between the pressure in the bag and the outside the bag, the coffee beans will accelerate the releasing of gas to fill the space. Of course, the aroma of coffee we smell when we squeeze the coffee bag is actually the loss of the flavor of coffee beans.

So, pay attention, don't squeeze the coffee bean packaging bag frequently.

It is very important to install a one-way valve on the coffee bag. To be moreprecise: there must be a plastic one-way valve on the professional coffee packaging bag!

Post time: Jan-12-2022