Custom printed recycle biodegradable bag

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Beyin packing’s biodegradable packaging are not PLA based or corn based material,the material we used can help degrading the plastic to the tiny molecules which can be decomposed by microorganism.After being discarded, the degradation is achieved in two steps: the polymer with long carbon chain structure is first reduced by oxidative degradation to reduce the molecular weight, resulting in brittleness, which is also a necessary condition for the second stage of biodegradation; these small molecules will eventually It is converted into water, carbon dioxide and biomass.

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Customized printed recycle biodegradable packaging

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Item Custom printed recycle biodegradable packaging
Size 13*21+8cm or customized
Material Biodegradable material
Thickness 120 microns/side or customized
Feature high barrier, moisture proof, biodegradable
Surface Handling Gravure printing
MOQ 50,000 PCS

More and more countries have begun to restrict the use of plastic bags and promote degradable packaging bags. There are many types of degradable materials on the market, and the most well-known one is PLA, which is a material based on corn or sugarcane. After certain composting conditions, it can be degraded into corn or sugarcane. This material can indeed be 100% degraded and recycled. However, this material has two major limitations. First, the composting environment is very restrictive, which is difficult to reach in ordinary places. The second is the most important point. The material can only be degraded when used alone and cannot be used as a composite packaging material. We know that food packaging bags are composited with PET, OPP, PE and other films, and when PLA composited with these materials,it cannot help the degradation of these materials, PLA can only be partially degraded, and other composite materials are still non-degradable.

Therefore, the use of PLA materials is meaningless in food packaging, and we have to find other degradable materials.
In recent years, a masterbatch material called reverte has appeared on the British market. This material can be directly added to PE, OPP and other plastics material, and after a certain exposure, it will be completely degraded into small molecules that can be decomposed by microorganisms. As we know that the main reason why plastics are harmful to the environment is that the molecular weight of plastics is too large, ranging from 10,000 to several million. Such a high molecular weight is difficult to degrade in nature in a short period of time, and the addition of reverte masterbatch can be used in short The molecular weight of these plastics is decomposed to below 10,000 or even below 5,000 within a period of time, so that they can be corroded by microorganisms quickly. The conditions for this degradation are relatively simple. After the plastic products are used and discarded, they will begin to be degraded within 48 hours after exposure to light and oxidation. Currently reverte material is the most popular degradable material in the UAE and Australia.


1, First, we can make single layer biodegradable packaging, like below the shopping and garbage packaging.

2, Second, We currently use reverte masterbatch in BOPP and PE, and the zipper can also be made degradable. The report is avaliable.



3, Third, biodegradable paper packaging is the most popular one. Cos no matter what kind of plastic bag you use, people wont treat them as biodegradable packaging, but paper packaging is different, paper bag itself is treated as biodegradable one. Like below the white paper bag, you can see, its just made of 2 layers, paper+PE, we directly print on the white paper, this way, we save one more plastic layer, which make it more like a biodegradable bag. Thne we use biodegradable PE instead of common PE, then the bag can be totally biodegradable. Just one thing about printing, left white paper bag, we directly print on the paper, right brown paper bag, we print on the outside layer BOPP, if you compare carefully, you will find the printing on the right brown bag is clearer than left white one.

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