Custom foiled pouches manufacturer in China

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  • Whole bag is made by pure aluminum ;
  • High light barrier property,can block all the UV light out side;
  • With metal material,the packaging bags looks more magnificent;
  • Can be flat bags,stand up pouches,gusset bags,flat bottom bags
  • Can be printed with your logo and design
  • Can be added resealable zipper
  • Can be laminated with paper and plastic film

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Custom pure aluminium pouches manufacturer in China

If your products need to be stored completely protected from light, or your products need higher barrier property , or you are looking for premium packaging bags, or your products are retorted and require premium packaging, pure aluminum packaging bags are the most suitable packaging option. We often see in the market that some packaging bags have a silver film, which is usually aluminum foiled layer or pure aluminum. This metal film can not only make the entire packaging bag look more classic, compared to other packaging without a metal layer,the packaging bags with aluminum can not only block oxygen, moisture, dust, bacteria, but also block the outside UV light, so that the products in the packaging bags will not be oxidize, can also be effectively stored in relatively lower temperature environment, no light-oxidation will occur, which will extend the freshness time.

Compared with the aluminum foiled, pure aluminum can completely block the external light, and it can keep the products in the packaging bag fresh for longer than the aluminum foiled. How to distinguish whether this layer is an aluminum-foiled layer or a pure aluminum layer?You can distinguished from the following aspects. First of all, the aluminum-foiled layer looks brighter than the pure aluminum layer. The pure aluminum layer looks dull and dark, while the aluminum-foiled layer is shiny. In addition, the aluminum-foiled layer can quickly return to its original shape after being rubbed, the resilience is better, but the pure aluminum layer does not quickly return to the original state, and even leaves deep creases, and the resilience is not very good. The best way to distinguish the aluminum-foiled layer from the pure aluminum layer is to irradiate it with light. The aluminum-foiled layer can be seen from the other side of the light spot, and the pure aluminum layer is not visible at all. This is because the pure aluminum layer It can cut off all light, while the aluminum-plated layer can only cut off most of the light.

Pure aluminum packaging bags can be made into flat bags, stand-up pouches, gusset bags, and flat bottom bags. The size can be customized according to the size of your product and the capacity of the bag. You can also print your logo and design on the bag , Pure aluminum can also be laminated with kraft paper to make the packaging bag stronger and classic.

Custom pure aluminium pouches manufacturer in China
Custom pure aluminium pouches manufacturer in China
Custom pure aluminium pouches manufacturer in China
Custom pure aluminium pouches manufacturer in China
Custom pure aluminium pouches manufacturer in China
Custom pure aluminium pouches manufacturer in China

Beyin packing has been engaged in the design and production of packaging bags for more than 20 years. We have rich experience. Our sales team can provide you with professional packaging bag solutions, and we also have a design team that can provide free design services.

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