How to decide your flexible food packaging bag size?

Having been in the packaging industry for so many years, The most frequently asked question is how to decide the size of my packaging bag?

Packaging is an essential element for every product, and even an important determinant that can determine whether your product can be sold well. So packaging design is very important. Normally, you can ask the professional designer to design the artwork for you,include the information you wanna tell customers,your logo and the color you wanna use,these works can be done by professional people,you don't need to worry about it.

But the difficult part for fresher is how to determine the size of my bag? Someone may go to the market directly to find packaging bags of similar products and refer to their sizes.

But for you who strictly require every aspect of the product, you really want to make a size suitable for your product. At this time, in addition to referring to the products on the market and listening to the suggestions of the packaging bag supplier, you can simply use paper Or plastic film to make a simple bag for trial installation to determine the precise size. Here let's teach you how to use paper to make a simple packaging bag to try out the product.


The type of the packaging bag

First of all, we must understand what types of packaging bags are. Generally speaking, food packaging bags are divided into flat pouches, stand up pouches, side-gusset pouches, flat bottom pouches, and back-sealed pouches. . The spout pouches which fill in beverage, can be classified as stand up pouches. Vacuum bags, retort bags and freezer bags generally classified as flat pouches or side-gusset pouches. Let us introduce one by one:

1.Flat pouches:also called pillow bag,the three sides are sealed,you can put into the product from the opening,Vacuum bags, retort bags and freezer bags usually use this kind of bag because there's no blind angle,and you can extract the air inside easily.And it also suit for small valume product,like powder,snack,candy,etc.It can be hang on the shelf or lie on the shelf to display,and easy to be packed in the box because it is flat.

2..Stand up pouches:which can be stand up on the shelf by itself,there is a bottom gusset,which can be expended after fill in the product,and easy to stand up on the shelf and display.It's very popular,and suitable for chips,candy,chocolate,nuts,dried fruit,powder,tea,pet snack,flavour,herb,cannabis etc.This kind of packaging bag is to fill in small to medium weight product.And spout bag is also a kind of stand up pouch.Combined with exquisite artwork and durable materials, this kind of packaging bag is very textured when displayed on the shelf.

3.Side gusset pouches:is a kind of pouch that the two sides are folded in,and these two sides will be extended after fill in the products,and popular in coffee,rice and so on,very suitable for rice brick,and it also can be vacuum bag is your product shape is more square,it will be very beautiful.
Wholesale side gusset rice paper bag

4.Flat bottom pouches:this kind of pouch is very popular in the market,because its bottom is flat,that it can stand up on the shelf steable,and And this kind of bag can reach 11 sides that can be used for printing,ample space to display the information you need to print on the bag. This kind of bag is generally used to hold large-capacity products, such as large-capacity cat food, dog food, coffee, etc. However, due to the complex process, the cost of this bag is relatively high,but still very beautiful to display on the shelves.

5.Back sealed bag:The back sealed bag is sealed on the bag,the shape can be same as flat pouches or side gusset pouches.If you have your own packaging machine,you can purchase the film roll to produce the back sealed bag directly pack the product.


Back sealed food bag
Back sealed food bag

How to fold a packaging bag using a paper or plastic film?


Next Let’s introduce how to fold a packaging bag using a paper or plastic film based on the size you refer from similar packaging bag or the packaging bag supplier recommend.


1.Flat pouch:Take a paper which width is equal to your bag width,and length is two times as your bag length,and fold it in half,then use glue or a stapler to fix the two sides,then a simple flat pouch will be.

2.Stand up pouch:Take a paper which width is equal to your bag width,and length is two times as your bag length plus bottom gusset width,then unfold the paper, fold the top in according to the length of the bag, and you get a crease , then unfold the paper, then fold the bottom of the paper in according to the length of the bag, so that you have two creases . Turn the paper over to overlap the two creases, press once, and then fix the two sides with glue or staples, then you get a simple self-supporting bag.

3.Side gusset pouch:Take a paper which width is two times of your bag width,and length is equal to your bag length,and fold it from left to right, fix it with glue or staples, then draw a fold line of 1/2 gusset width on each side of the bag, turn over  the paper , and do same work on the left and right sides of the bag. After drawing, fold the left side inward so that the fold lines on the front and back of the two sides coincide,press, and then repeat the same action on the right side, and then fix the bottom with glue or staples. In this way, a simple of four-sided sealed bag is ready.

4.Flat bottom pouch:Following the above step to make a stand up pouch without fixation,then take two papers which width is equal to gusset width,and length is equal to your bag length,we call them side paper,then stand one piece of side paper beside the left side of stand up pouch,and fix the bottom and sides,then do the same thing on the right side,then there’s a simple flat bottom pouch.

5.Back sealed pouch:Take a paper which width is two times of your bag width+2cm,and length is equal to your bag length,then from left side fold inward 1/2 width,same to right side,then fold a 1cm sealing area on these two folded part,then fix the sealing area is ok.

If you are not satisfied with the bag size suggested by your packaging bag supplier, after the trial installation, you can choose the bag type you like and fine-turn the size and try again. Remember that you must try the product in before deciding on the bag size,and make sure that the size of the bag is no problem for holding your product. The thickness and material of the bag can be fully follow the suggestions of the packaging manufacturer, and then ask for a bag sample of the corresponding material and thickness to confirm the quality of the bag. Beyin packing has 20 years of packaging bag producing experience. If you have any questions, you can find professional answers here to help you make a perfect bag.

Post time: Dec-29-2020