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  • Easy to be taken away,and not easy to be broken,
  • Will not take much space compared to bottle and box.
  • The juice pacakging bags are made by muti-layers of barrier film,
  • With high barrier property,which can protect the juice from moisture,oxygen,UV light,ordor,vapor,and even puncture,
  • BPA-FREE and FDA approved food grade material


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Juice pouches wholesale drink pouches wholesale

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The common juice packaging on the market includes glass bottles, plastic bottles, boxes, and printed plastic bags. Among them, plastic bag is the best choice, because compared with plastic bottles, it is not easy to be damaged and is resistant to falling,and compared with plastic bottles, the plastic bag has better performance in preventing oxygen, light and moisture with the addition of a layer of aluminum foil,and compared with boxes, it takes up less space, save more materials waste .

The plastic juice bags include spouted pouches and stand up bags.

What is a spouted pouch? It is a kind of stand up pouch with spout. Not only with good sealing effect, end customers can also drink the products in it faster.Compared with bottles, spout bag is cheaper and save a lot of space, and less plastic pollution. 

Juice packaging have certain requirements on the barrier effect of the packaging,the most basic requirement is that the packaging bags cannot leak,if the raw materials used are damaged, the juice will easily be flowed out from the damaged part . In addition, the packaging must be able to block oxygen and moisture, so as to ensure that the product in the package will not be oxidized and odorless, and prolong the storage time. Some products  require higher barrier requirements and need to be protected from UV light, because light will accelerate the destruction of fat and produce light-oxidation. Many micronutrients are easily decomposed under light, which is the loss of product nutrients,then it will need high protection grade packaging bag. Come and see what kind of packaging bag your product fits.

To meet the above requirment,the juice spouted pouch always be at least 2 layer,3 layers or 4 layers.For example,for the pure water or soda water,which do not need so high barrier for the UV light and oxygen,then 2 layers packaging bags is enough,the out layer PA can provide enough mechanical strength,like high tensile strength, drop resistance, puncture resistance and better resistant with high temperature.and inner layer use the PE or CPP film,which is FDA approved food grade film,can directly touch with the bevergae.

250ml stand up plastic juice spout bag
250ml stand up plastic juice spout bag

Some customers want to have a printed pattern while keeping a small window, so that the end customer can more intuitively see what product is inside. All materials we use can protect against oxygen and moisture, whether it is transparent printing or not. 

250ml stand up plastic juice spout bag
250ml stand up plastic juice spout bag

If you need a higher level of protection from light, 3 layers plastic bags will be recommended,adding a layer of  aluminum  can isolate most of the light from the outside. 

aluminum foiled juice spouted pouch
aluminum foiled juice spouted pouch

And the 4 layers juice packaging bags are always for the premium juice pacakging ,the mechanical strength would be better.

For some juices and beverages, there are many types of plastic packaging to choose from. For example, some customers prefer funny designed plastic bags,like special-shaped packaging bag, with various shapes, and you can design the shape according to the attributes of your product. 

shaped spout bags
shaped spout bags

In addition, the conventional method of the spout bags is to directly seal the spout on the top or side of the bags, and the customer can fill the liquid through the opening of the spout. If you want a more beautiful spout bag, we can make an invisible spout, that is, without adding a spout, the plastic bag is made into the shape of a bottle,the user can directly tear the seal and drink directly, and then add a zipper so that the plastic bag can be resealed after drinking.

Factory OEM shaped bag for dried fruits
Factory OEM shaped bag for dried fruits

The quantity of MOQ is different according to the plastic bag type and the size of the packaging bag. Please contact with Beyin packing’s sale people to get professional advise.

 As a professional drink pouches wholesale with more than 20 years of experience, Beyin packing can provide you with professional advice on designing your own packaging bags. In addition, we can also provide free design packaging bags. Welcome to inquiry.

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