High quality foil lined dog treat packaging

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  • Flat pouch and stand up pouch are avaliable
  • With resealable zipper,which can help open and close the packaging repeatly,extend the shelf life.
  • Hang hole can be added that the packed product can be hang on the shelf.
  • Clear window can be added that the end-customer can see what’s inside directly.
  • Paper packaging bags are avaliable.
  • Shaped bags are avaliable
  • BPA-free and FDA approved food grade material

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Dog treat packaging

Custom dog treat packaging

Dog treat is a kind of food for pets and small animals. It is a high-end animal food between human food and traditional livestock and poultry feed.

 Then dog treat packaging bags are generally divided into the following types according to the capacity. Small capacity generally uses flat bag and stand up pouch, and large capacity generally uses side gusset and flat bottom bag.

 The material of custom dog treat packaging bags is generally recommended to be PET/BOPP/NY+VMPET/kraft paper/AL+PE/CPP. If there is a requirement to avoid light, it is recommended to add VMPET or pure aluminum.The PA material is recommended to use on the dog bone packaging bags as the bone is tough and sharp,easy to beake the packaging bags,so you need more stable outer material such as PA.And for the dog biscuit packaging ,the normal two layers plastic bags are enough.But if there's much fat,the we recommend to use the foiled dog treat packages that to block the UV light and keep the product inside fresh.

 In the pet food packaging design, you can use window design, and add zipper, you can add hang hole for small-capacity bags, and handle for large-capacity bags.

 Generally, the MOQ is 10,000pcs or more.

 Pets are now more than just an animal, and no longer the role of guards in nursing homes. More and more people now regard their pets as their partners and friends. Therefore, people have begun to pay more and more attention to pet food and nutrition.

Dod treat is mainly rich in water, protein, fiber and crude fat and other nutrients that pets must take in. These ingredients also provide good reproduction conditions for microorganisms. Therefore, to ensure the nutritional value of dog treat and extend the shelf life, it is necessary to inhibit the activity of microorganisms. The three elements that microorganisms depend on for survival is ambient temperature, oxygen and moisture. During the shelf life, the oxygen and moisture content in the package depends more on the integrity and barrier properties of the dog treat packaging bag. Therefore, whether the dog treat packaging bag is complete and whether the barrier performance is good enough will greatly affect the storage of dog treat. 

pet food bag,pet snack bag,puppy  food bag,food packaging bag,beyin packing
pet food bag,pet snack bag,puppy  food bag,food packaging bag,beyin packing
pet food bag,pet snack bag,puppy  food bag,food packaging bag,beyin packing
pet food bag,pet snack bag,puppy  food bag,food packaging bag,beyin packing

According to the bag type, the dog treat packaging bags generally can be divided into flat bag, stand up bag, side gusset bag and flat bottom bag. From the material point, they are divided into plastic packaging bag and paper bag. Generally, flat bag and stand up bag are recommended for small capacity, while side gusset and flat bottom bag are recommended for large capacity, such as bulk cat food and dog food.

Flat bags are more suitable for packaging small-volume dog treat, which can be carried around and do not take up much space. In addition, this type of packaging generally adds hang holes to hang on the shelf to display the product. It can be made into a glossy surface, which is easier to attract consumers' attention, or it can be made into a matte surface, which will look more advanced.

Stand up pouches are also generally used to hold small-capacity dog treat . This kind of dog treat packaging can self-stand  and is easier to stand on the shelf for display. It is a very popular packaging type. Generally, a zipper added on the top can be opened and closed repeatedly to  extend the dog treat’s storage period. Tear notch is also needed, which can be opened more easily.

Side gusset packaging bags can be used to hold heavy cat food and dog food with . Filled pet food will extend the side gusset, increase the space utilization of the bag.

Generally flat bottom bag is used to hold heavy bulk dog food and cat food. Because flat bottom bag is eight side sealed, it’s more solid and stable. This kind of bpacking bag’s bottom is flat and can be placed on the display shelf steadily. When the inside is filled with pet food, the whole package will stand more stable. There is a handle on the product packaging bag, which is more convenient to carry.


Custom dog treat packging bags with clear window

Some customers will require a window design, so that you can see the products sold more intuitively, greatly increasing the sales rate of the products.

pet food bag,pet snack bag,puppy  food bag,food packaging bag,beyin packing

Foiled dog treat packaging bags

Some pet products have light-proof requirements. We would recommend adding VMPET to the material, which can prevent light and moisture, and is economical. If light-proof requirements are better, it is recommended to use pure aluminum material, which can completely block light and UV rays.

Customized OEM chips bag from China
Custom printed recycle biodegradable bag

Dog treat packages with shaped window

Shaped window: Shaped window can make product design more fresh and interesting, and increase eye-catching

Custom child resistance slider zipper cannabis bag

Resealable dog treat bags with UV printing

UV printing: UV printing can make the packaging more colorful, more eye-catching, and increase the sales rate.

Custom dog food packaging with handle

 Pet food packaging bags with handles: When holding heavy pet food, we recommend adding a solid and durable handle that is not easy to cut hands on the top, which is more convenient to carry.

Cat Litter bag

Dog bone packaging

Transparent matte: more intuitive to see what is on sale, more beautiful

pet food bag,pet snack bag,puppy  food bag,food packaging bag,beyin packing
pet food bag,pet snack bag,puppy  food bag,food packaging bag,beyin packing

Dog treat paper pacakging bags

Kraft paper packaging: Kraft paper is a very popular packaging because it is eco-friendly and recyclable

pet food bag,pet snack bag,puppy  food bag,food packaging bag,beyin packing

Shaped dog biscuit packaging

Shaped pet food bag:pet food bag can be designed as the pet’s shape which is interesting and eye-catching.

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