Pet Custom Printed Food Grade Plastic Laminated Package Stand up Bag with Zip food Package Bag

Short Description:

  • Various size pacakging bags can be customized
  • BPA-FREE and FDA approved food grade material
  • Matte surface and glossy surface are avaliable
  • Clear window can be added to let end-customer see what’s inside the packaging bags directly
  • Resealable zipper can be added on the packaging bags
  • Tear notch is needed to open the packaging bags easily


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Pet food bags,cat treat packaging bags

What's cat grass packaging bag?

Some cats have the habit of eating grass. The reason for this habit has not been  unified. One view is that cats eat grass to supplement niacin;another  view that cats will eat certain grasses to cure diseases.The mainstream view now is that there may be some parasites in the cat’s intestines, or swallow some hair during daily self-cleaning, eating some grass may help remove these hairs or parasites. Cats are not picky about eating this kind of cat grass. Many clean and tender grasses will be eaten. So any grass for cats can be called cat grass. Cat grass is a must-have item that cannot be ignored! Common cat grass types include wheat, setaria viridis and so on.

The cat grass bags are a kind of pet product packaging that used to hold cat grass. The size of the bag varies according to the capacity. The most commonly used material for the cat grass bag is PET/PE or BOPP/PE. According to the requirements of matte or glossy surface, choose BOPP or PET respectively. We can also make window design on the bag, It allows consumers to more intuitively know what is in the bag.

If the bag quality requirements are higher, and the requirements for moisture, oxygen, and light resistance are higher, we generally recommend adding a layer of silver aluminum foil in the middle of the material, which is more beautiful and more advanced. Of course, some customers require pure aluminum to completely block light, oxygen and humidity, but the cost will be higher. How to distinguish whether the silver layer in the middle is aluminum-plated or pure aluminum? It's very simple. Just put the light source inside the bag. If you can see the light spots on the outside of the bag, it's aluminum-plated. If you cannot see the light spot, pure aluminum is used.
Some customers prefer to use kraft paper to make bags, which look more advanced and beautiful.

cat grass bag,cat grass packaging bag,cat treat bag
cat grass bag,cat grass packaging bag,cat treat bag

To make the bag reusable, we usually add a zipper to open and close the opening of the bag repeatedly. After opening, the storage time of the product can still be extended.
In order to help the final consumer to open the bag more easily, we generally add a tear notch below the sealing area and above the zipper.
Regarding the color design of the bag, you can design the color and pattern according to your own preferences. Our 9-color printing machine can restore the color you want to a high degree.


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